Some AAA brass, alu, copper

I’ll buy the Nitecore D10 SP camouflage

Will PM - Thanks!

Reserved the D10 SP camo, thanks

I'm glad that you can ship to Russian flashaholics.

(I didn't know that anyone could ship to Russia.)

I don’t know if I can ship to Russia, but sure there will be russian flashaholic in other countries.

As tomorrow I will have to go to the post office I will ask about shipments to Russia :wink:

Okay, I hope I didn't open a can of worms with my comment.

Good luck with the sale!

Hi Notiluco! I’m replying to your comment in the other sales’ thread .
Although I like the Mini ML flashlight, I was actually looking for the one with larger head (the Turbo version), since I wanted to make some experiences with it.

But I will keep an eye on this thread, though as you have some nice lights for sale!

Good luck with it :wink:

I’ll take the Olight blue i3s

Is the Mini ML the CR2 version?


No, It is a CR123 size.

I’m really eyeing up that Kronos X6 but I can’t quite justify the 90+EUR for it! It looks great though

I have both Kronos.

They won't leave me at this cheap price-is all i can say...

I’ll take the copper prometheus. can you pm me your paypal adress and final price with shipping to Belgium ? Thank you.

PM sent, thanks

Those BLF Kronos flashlights are awesome! And I like how you kept the boxes and accessories. Too bad you’re not located in the US since I would be tempted with the X5.

Prices reduced.

Price drop again.

I’ll take the Ti Mini.

Reserved the Foursevens Mini ML

I received the D10 I bought in less than 2 weeks, well packed and no problems.