Some AAA pocket: Prometheus Beta QR brass, DQG AAA Ti, Olight i3S, Klarus Mi02, Maratac Copper

I’ll take the Ti Mini.

Reserved the Foursevens Mini ML

I received the D10 I bought in less than 2 weeks, well packed and no problems.

Thanks for commenting! Greetings from Spain

BLF X6 / X5 and Astrolux S41 prices drop.

Sold BLF X6, BLF X5, ASTROLUX S41 short and ASTROLUX S41 18650.

Ship anything to USA? Interested in some copper lights

Yes, I ship all around the world, but only remain for sale one copper light, (Maratac AAA); the other copper ones are sold.

Edited the first post.

I’ll take the two Sunwayman lights, if still available.

Sold the Sunwaymans V60C and C25C titanium Thrones

Bump …
man oh man …. I always wanted one of those V60C’s . Good luck with your sales
Great lights

Hi, thanks for the interest, but that V60 was the only one I wanted to sell. A greeting from Spain