Some beamshots (DRY, King, MPPs)


Took some beamshots to see how the new king compares to some of my other lights.

All photos taken with 70mm, 1.3s, f/8, ISO400, WB 4800K.

Distance to the building is about 90m (= 295feet), as seen in this snip from Google Earth:

Control shot:

Let's start with some well known references.

KD C8:

Solarforce MPP-1:

Solarforce MPP-2:

And then to NW lights.

Shadow TC6 NW:

Old-Lumens Special SST-90:

DRY NW High:

DRY NW Turbo:

SKYRAY King NW High:

SKYRAY King Low:

And finally some mouseovers.

DRY vs. SKYRAY (Mouse over for SKYRAY)

KD C8 vs. Shadow TC6: (Mouse over for Shadow TC6)

Solarforce MPP-2 vs MPP-1 (Mouse over for MPP-1)

MPP-2 vs. KD C8 (mouse over for KD C8)

+ bonus photo, "wannabe art", Snowy River lit by MPP-1:

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed watching these. :)

I think I like the photo the best. That's really cool! Definitely NOT "wannabe art"

Thanks for all the reference shots!

Awesome shots! Thx for sharing.

_the_ is very modest.

Go check out his galleries "out there on the 'net" and you'll see this little river really is just his regular night out with a digital photo camera. ;)

Very nice beamshots and photo. :)


yeah, definitely not wannabe. in fact, I'd love to use that as a background if you'd post a link to a high res version?

Do you have shots of the SST-90 on low and hi? Just curious to see the difference. Not very bright because of the messed up reflector.Embarassed

Love that river shot, really nice!!!

Great pics!!

Makes me re-think about that Skyray King...

Yeah, it appears to be brighter than the Dry. I may have to get one. Nice shots!

Are you a photographer?

The Shadow impresses me but SkyRay is the final winner.

Just pulled to trigger for SkyRay!

Thanks for sharing. I really like the "wannabe art".

Size wise which is wider in diameter dry or skyray? Nice art shots btw:)

x2. I'd love to see a comparison side by side photo of the dry and king for size reference :) Thanks for the already amazing reference photos you've provided! Beautiful work and a huge help to many of us here!

About how many lumens is the King on low? And is the trigger switch mechanism user-friendly?

A pictures worth a thousand words. Thanks.

Nice work!

Thank you all for the compliments! I'm not a "real" photographer, it's just my hobby (which actually did lead me to the world of flashlights.. ;))

dthrckt: Sure. I just need to re-edit the photo for a high res version. What resolution do you want?

I will try to answer all questions and post a side-by-side photo of King and DRY later today (= after work hours). Please wait patiently..

I love your bonus photo... its surreal. Makes me want to go out and attempt taking night outdoor pictures, with illumination from just flashlights.

yeah I agree. Looks like a professional took that picture :)

I'm using it for my desktop wallpaper on my Mac and my PC's. Looks awesome!!