some info about 2 BIG FT drivers and a question

Hi all

i just recieved an order from FT including those 2 drivers number 1 TR-0124B
number 2 TR-0163B

Number 1 the TR-0124B tested with 2 Samsung cells


HIGH : 4.6
Med : 1.9
low : .4


High : 2.3
Med : .95
Low : .18

Number 2 the TR-0163B

First tested with 2 Samsung cells

XM-L2 High : 5.75

MT-G2 High : 2.35

Second tested with 3 Samsung cells

2x XM-L2 in series High : 5.2 med : 2.2 Low : .45

MT-G2 High 5.75

I was afraid to test one XM-L2 with 3 cells it might fry


but i have one question there is a component on the 2 drivers called ( D2 ) are getting very hot to touch is that normal ?

Pics for the component on the drivers



That are diodes, nothing to worry these drivers are very reliable.
These drivers deliver constant current the voltage does not increase the constant value, at least not very much.

The current gets selected through the sensing resistors, for example R050 and r300 on the second pic

Check this review

I don't know which components get hot but something does. I haven't tried to find out which ones. A 7amps to an xml2 with 3 cells, I've had the emitter lead desolder several times. Driver seems to tolerate it well though.