Some Macro's

Macro’s by old4570

Nice shots!
My fav is the second pic.

Very nice. After yesterday I’d be surprised if the wings weren’t blown off.

It was crazy windy !
I was expecting the shed to fly away …

Theres a heap of large trees come down in our area. Lilydale still doesn’t have power and there not expecting it back on anytime soon. Our power come back on at 12 last night. There was one or two torches put to good use. :slight_smile:

The picture i took last week for fun not with a macro lens. Just 135mm F2 canon natural lighting

Iam a fashion, glamour, portrait photographer but i do shoot other things for leisure :slight_smile:

hey, I’d love to use this pics for my research paper for fast service so can you post signed photos or it doesn’t matter to you if I just take these but reference them?

( They are the property of old4570 ) as long as credit is given and they are not used for commercial purposes .