Some Pics

Because I'm very happy with the result of mixing one lens from a nineteen century Austrian microscope with a Japanese Sony camera some pics for shared.

Wow! Nice macro shots.

Hey! Cool photos!

Many thanks for appreciated it, since the 'real' macro from Sony cost here around 100 dls the last time I'm checked this thing work fine.

I attached it to the adapter with thermal glue and paper, look very bad but is easily removable.

The blue K2 in the second pic is feeding with a few mA to shine, I need to refine the lighting metod to best results.

If you get better lighting please do let us know how...

It is quite difficult to light stuff like that with very close-up shots.

Very neat photos...Maybe one day I'll graduate from "Point and Click University"...

Wow, awesome pics! Cool

very nice work overall!

subscribing for more pics!

Pleasing light and excellent DOF.


I have no more pretty emitters to show till the mailman wish to delivered one of the several purchased last month. I was lucky enough to find a piece of metal which suite perfect for the light ring.

All emitters in parallel equalized with resistors

The original plan of using all the generic material was aborted since by a serious judgement issue I kill the crappy SSC P4, the worst emitter at hand here.The P31's stock take his place since that torch is waiting an upgrade soon if the postal system want

The 'engendro'

To be continued with the result of this superpower light

Has a aspheric len in the middle for use with other led?

This "engendro" has a promisingly funny looks...

Excellent shots. Do you need improvement in lighting? What for?... it seems just perfect.

I know that do not look bad but as Don who know well say above ,that was not easy.

Pic without tripod or other light involved , first try some adjusted is needed, man, how difficult is put smd resistors in a traditional wired setup !

Now you can just ask some retailers for free goods for your compensation for good quality pictures for their page. :D

Maybe some1 will take the offer since quality photography is expensive nowadays.

Since the 'health' of the project rely in the dubious strength of the thermal glue, the heat is an issue to watch.Direct drive with a 18650 take 1,8 A and become hot quickly, with a 5,6 Ohm down to .250 mA. ,with a resistor in between could work a decent amount of time with enough light .

No crop...

Still some diffuser is needed to blur the bright spots.

The P10 R5 arrived yesterday with ridiculous modes H, less H ,M no low, dirty and bad soldered star, I destroy it trying to fix the thing that's is another with the mind restored all I can said is , watch out your ampere meter working with drivers ,if less than 10A do not reach high currents due the damned shunt

Arrived today this Osram diode supposedly 120L, very cheap, later I'll gone to compare it with some Cree..