Some very desirable drivers at DX and TrustFire Flame 26650 and 25500s

They just got some really cool drivers at DX and Trustfire Flame 26650s and 25500s rated at 4000 and 5000 mah

4 Mode 2.5 amp driver 5-8.4 volts

5 mode 2 amp 5-17 volts

8 mode 2-2.8 amp driver 2.8 -4.2 volt

4 mode and one of them being sos? Highly unlikely... perhaps an erratic strobe. ;)

Not even cheap. I much rather get the famous 8xamc but they are rated to max 6V unfortunately.

It says:

Capacity: 4000mAh (actual 3000mAh)

Capacity: 5000mAh (actual 4000mAh)

If it is real 4000mAh for the protected 26650s I am interested, but would be nice to know how many amps they can give for Multi-leds, SST-90...

I wonder if they really are only 68mm in length with the added PTC.

The last one is the easy answer to X9 mods. Unlike the normal 8*7135 choice it is single sided and thin. No more problems cutting springs and removing or shaving the white switch spacer of the X9.

Yeah it might be a good option indeed.

But still "Current: 2000mA ~2800mA" and "8 Modes"

I wonder if the current will be identical on 10 samples or all will be varying from 2000 to 2800.

Was wondering the same abotu these, what do they mean with 2000-2800 mA, I can't believe that the current will differ from one to the other driver.

Will order one anyway as I started to mod my X9 but didn't feel like messing up the tailcap internals, so this is a good option. Maybe the current can be set with a jumper or something.

I think that's a direct drive driver with mode controller. The current depends on the battery voltage under load.

I wondered about that but two IC's seemed unnecessary if that was the case?

Is there such a thing as a stepped resistor in an IC type package? Such would be a crude but compact way to vary current.

Holy crap, they are listening to us!! Finally a 17mm driver putting out 2.5A, has modes and takes 8.4V. W00t!!

Exactly that was the one I was most excited to see.

Looking at this one which they claim to be 17mm, it's obviously the top PCB that is 17mm while the base PCB is 20mm. Looking at the measurements confirms a 20mm base (0.79"/2.0 cm.). Almost got excited for a high voltage driver in a standard 17mm diameter.

Take another look at it. Either they are using very thin wire or it is the 26mm they say it is and not 16/17mm.

Argh! You are correct, sir. I was so excited I didn’t even see that it was 26mm. When will they make one that’s 17mm?

I think I may have to order these for my c88!

26650 TF Flames at usd22.80 per pair? I'll pass.

2100, I only know the Palight protected ones being 26650, and I would like to have a pair being protected, as I only have the MNKE IMR which are not protected.

Do you know if the palight are good?

yavi, my experience with the PAlight 18650 (yellow ones) protected is just normal/average. Not very good mAH on the discharger as well.

Yeah those batteries being protected is the excitement I see in those. If they hold 4000mah with good current ability I would have no problem paying 22 bucks a pair.