Someone got a little too bid-happy

I have the Citipower SA-9 which is just about identical to this. Its a good light for $10.

Its also fugly.

LOL! Way to spend 4 times more.

Considering they are all over ebay for $10 shipped or less.

I call b***sh**.

Two bidders, both with low feedback numbers. (Okay, nothing damning there.)

But wait: both of them have been bidding on eclectic categories: bracelets, lips, watches. (Okay, not too damning yet.)

But wait again: both of them have been bidding in eclectic categories at exactly the same time. For example, both of them bid on something in >>Lips 2d, 10h ago. And >>Charms and charm bracelets 2d, 12h ago. And >>Fine bracelets 6d, 20h ago. And >>Wristwatches 2d, 22h ago. Coincidence?

This kind of shill bidding/ reputation building/ whatever the h*ll it is bugs the crap out of me. I wish ebad did something when you report this, but it's only been the outrageous cases where they seem to care.

I honestly don't think Ebay give a stuff as long as they're making money. And by golly, they're making it..