Someone is actually buying this sh**

I can't believe that someone is actually buying this sh**.

On top of that this sale just started and it will last 4 more days

What's the name of that guy that ordered a bunch of crappy batteries and power
banks from every possible store? cant remember! anyway, do NOT buy this batteries.

Let's count suckers together

but… but… but…
these have 4Ah, even batteries that cost $20 each have not 4Ah!
Must be a quality product!

I use those to power my 25x T6 4 billion lumenz brightest flashlight with greatest illumination in the middle distance.

18 today.

I couldn’t hit 6k lumens at 8A through an XP -G2 S4 5C without ’em.

almost as good as this

Only 9800mah? :( :( :( :(

That's a misprint.

It's actually a 14500.

Is this better?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They are manufactured by an led flashlight expert!!

I would rather trust an led flashlight expert like this than some sony or panasonic wannabes

0066 mAh, they got a line of text upside down

By the way, that cell in the original post — I think “Meco” is a new name for one of the old familiar crap merchants.

Anyone know for sure?

A better name would have been WTF.

they would power my 2000 lumen sipik 68 clone

They need to rename then Anusfire.

To my understanding Meco is just Banggoods new name on Ultrafire fakes. There is a legit Meco Company on the market that manufactures battery chargers but that doesnt seem to be any hinder in china.

I would guess the people buying these cells are reading sites like this

Has anyone tested the meco cells? There is a slim chance it’s an ok cell that’s just over rated isn’t there?

Ummmmmmmmmmm - no.

Just noticed the post about them being fire rewraps so I guess the chance is zero.

Anyone want to buy a 2000 lumen flashlight?!!!-2000LM-LED-Flashlight-Cree-XML-T6-Zoomable-Lantern-5-Mode-Waterproof-LED-Flash-Torch-Light-By-AAA18650-Battery_51967.html

Looks to be a genuine 2000 lumen LatticeBright. :bigsmile:

they're missing an O after GTF :D