Someone knows if exist a "body" flashlight?

I know it seems a strange question but i go out for a run quite often and in winter time i often run in the dark. I already have a headlamp but it moves too much.
So i'm curious to see if exist someting that you can fix on your chest or something like that.


You may use some lights mountable to cap like this:

or, you can make a larger strap to use headlight on your chest ;)

there are angle head lights that you can clip to a backpack strap or a shirt pocket, like this one. or lights like the ones by GoMotion that strap on like a belt.

but what's wrong with using a headlamp. body mounted lights bounce when you walk, even more than headlamps. and you can only point them by turning your body.

Davx, maybe your headlamp's beam is too narrow? If you use a headlamp with a very floody beam, it wouldn't appear to bounce so much. Or maybe your headlamp doesn't have the strap that goes over the top of your head? That would help stabilize it too.

I regularly use my energizer headlamp as a body lamp - the headband is adjustable to a very long length and it has a lot of stretch to it.

it is easier for me than some people (I have a 31" waist) but it would fit slightly larger people, too.

I usually do that when I want both a forward facing light and a directional light (regular headlamp) - works out great when running a snowblower...

here is the one I use link

sometimes I use one of these in a similar fashion for the same purpose link

it puts out a lot more light than the headlamp I linked

you can find them for ~$8 shipped. just add your own elastic strap to it and you have >> body lamp:)