someone live in Turkey? help!!!

A customer from Turkey,he bought 2pcs J18 from me, one has only high mode, the other doesn't come on at all.

He knows nothing about flashlight and his English is very hard to understand.

So i'm thinking if there is someone in Turkey who can do the repair job.

It should be the driver or switch problem. J18 is a very good product.

Pls PM me if you can help. thank you very much.

Best Regards


thank you

Hi Rey,

I build my own p60 drop-ins and make some mods on cheap lights but J18 may be a light too complicated and too big for my abilities. I’m afraid I’m not too talented in mechanics.

I would still like to help you in communicating with your customer.



It seems forum member kokopelli has better experience then me,
I have not done any p60 hosts.
I can do only simple soldering - de-soldering.

i can ship another driver and switch, I think you can open the light and change the new driver?

Thank you.

It is possible, if access to the driver and switch is easy.
I have replaced my xeno e03 switch, using tweezers.