Something *bright* on 2xAA eneloops?


I'm trying to find a light that is as bright as possible on 2 Eneloops... and under $20 shipped.

Browsing the reviews right now, but it seems that if a light runs on 2AA, then usually it's set for runtime, not brightness.

The light is for a guy that doesn't want special chargers, so Li-Ion is out of the question.

If I don't find a 2AA that is brighter than good 1AA lights like K-106, S1 or whatever, I will buy one of the latter.

Found Solarforce L2r, which I guess is very nice, except I'd like something cheaper...


The Romisen RC-N3, but the one from DX isn't as bright as the one from Shining Beam. SB's version costs more than $20 even after the 6% CPFuser discount though. Not a lot of 2xAA choices. The 2xAA LED multimode mini maglite isn't bad, but may not be available in your area.

Thanks, I looked at N3, but if it's not going to be used with anything else then 2AA, it's a bit of a waste...

And the price is almost the same as L2r ($24):

which I guess will be a lot brighter (R2 led).

Still looking for something bright, but DX-priced :)

EDIT: Ah, and as for the Mini Maglite, it's available, but costs more than $30...

The Ultrafire WF-606A. Has a Q5 in it these days. The ability to use CR2 cells is more or less a gimmick. Cheap, bright, very solidly made.

I would either go with the 606A or the N3.......The N3 is a great performer with both batt configurations.

Saw one the other day. The shop wanted £27 for it - over $40 at the present exchange rate. While I like the idea of it, it is way too expensive for what it is here. I can get it mail order for $29 (£18.99) but that is still way too expensive for me. I'm not fond of the 2AA form factor.

Thanks again for all of you. I think I'll take L2r or WF-606A.

I can't find any direct comparisons, are there any comparable tests like runtime and lux for those two?

@Don - if you were to choose between L2r and 606A, what would you do? ;)

I'd be inclined to go for the 606A. Jay did a review of it ages back - you'll find it about a third of the way down this page.

I'm not really a fan of multiple AA lights - at that length you are into 18650 territory with much more runtime.

Well the days are getting darker and friends are asking me about flashlights again.
Including friends I wouldn’t trust with li-ion recharging.
Any new recommendations for multi-AA lights on the budget end?

Nitecore MT22A.

A truly great little torch. Search around on here and you may find a discount code too, making it cheaper than a MagLED (also not so bad, even though the LED has a horrible blue tint, but it does have adjustable focus in a deep efficient reflector, which can be useful).

A MagLED possibly saved my life, two nights, injured, out on a bare mountain at high altitude just before the winter snows swept in. Head removed, running in candle mode on low, it was a great comfort until I recovered enough to walk (stagger) out.

When I travel, or walk out for several weeks, I only carry AA torches. LiIon is all very well, but not practical in many cases. When you just need to buy new primary cells wherever you can get them, and I don’t mean CR2s and CR123s.

Olight S15 is also very good for a 1xAA torch.

Fenix and Nitecore also make very decent 4xAA torches for those who need more lumens.

Sofirn SF13? 420 lemons on 2 alkaleaks. Dunno how much on eneloops, ’though I imagine somebody tried it.

No 4×AA lights like the TK4A/SF11?

Really budget 2AA : Zanflare F2

Upper end of budget: Manker T02

I have the Manker E12 and I’ve considered the Olight S2A.

For budget lights (seems the forum is less and less budget oriented these days), I’d recommend:

Zanflare F2 (2AA)

and if that’s not bright enough:

Sofirn SF11 (4AA)

Wish they made something like this but with a hi power led and optics to keep it small, Kind of like CPF member Data’s “Spy”

There’s also the Jaxman M2, it sure looks nice. Just 2 modes, I’d be comfortable handing that thing to anyone.
400lm, 2xAA, ~35mm head, under 25$ shipped

What about the Jaxman M2? Don’t have it personally but Jaxman has a good reputation. Also the new convoy t2, for around $10 (on sale). So firm has a few single AAs in the 10-15 range too

I’d go with Jaxman or Zanflare. Would love to see a 2AA Convoy too…

Not as budget as the others but the thrunite archer 2a v3 seems quite bright at 500lm, and it costs $30 on Amazon.

I’ve had bad experiences with the Archer series, several times too. Wouldn’t recommend them, not reliable enough.