Something Different - You get robbed - all your flashlights are gone - insurance pays out - What do you buy

Something Different - You get robbed - all your flashlights are gone - insurance pays out - What do you buy ..

So your flashlight collection is stolen , the insurance company pays out cos you had the collection photographed , originally they just refused to believe you had as many lights as you claimed , but after shoving the pictures under there nose , they coughed up the money ..

So , what do you buy ?

new dogs - to replace the three that either failed or died trying.

then I suppose I'd buy the exact same things, or I'd be real mad everytime I wanted to use one that I'd had.

the worst part would be redoing mods...I only have 1 or 2 I haven't done something to


A triple XM-L

Ultrafire U20

Zebralight headlamp - mine is an H50 but any of them will do fine - I'd probably go for an AA powered neutral white one.

Ultrafire Uf-H3

Fenix E01

ITP A3 - preferably with an R5

Trustfire F22

Varapower 2000

Aurora SH-034

An XR-E thrower

An XM-L with a big and deep reflector.

Another ROP

A bunch of AAA lights

A pile of Solarforce P60 lights.

A UV P60 dropin

A large pile of Panasonic 18650s

IMR CR123/14500/18650/32600

An iCharger and good PSU

a 6D Mag - metal reflector, good glass lenses, shortened springs, FET switches, soft start driver, silly wattage bulbs.

A bunch of very cheap mod hosts.

Decent lightmeters, multimeters, datalogging meters.

I go and buy the lights that I had that I liked and pocket the change for the rest.

- Sunwayman V10R XML

- Sunwayman V20C

- Nitecore IFE2

- Jetbeam BC10

- Jetbeam BC20

- Fenix TK35

- Thrunite Catapult

- Trustfire TR3-T6

- iTP A1 SS, Olight i1/i2/i3

- Solarforce L2T Ace/ L2X / L2P

- MF/UF 3 mode XML dropin x 5 / Solarforce XPG 1 mode dropin / Solarforce XML 1 mode dropin / more dropins...

...are the first that cross my mind...

+1, depending how big the check is, buy what you like

LOL, but who steals flashlights?

Definitely! I'd be on the phone to Foxwood asking about their next litter. And how many of that litter they would sell me. The last assistant came from there.

I doubt that i would take back the money, they would say that the photo is fake and that i need a psychologist...

Nah, Just point them to FlashlightFoy; they suddenly won't see you as QUITE so insane...

Interesting question. Got me thinking what I have spent on my collection so far. I have been VERY frugal. Nothing bought that was not first reviewed and considered a good buy. Almost everything on deep discount. That is half the fun. I could afford to buy expensive lights and pay full retail but somehow I find the fact that I can find an $8 light that out does many expensive lights a real blast.
Anyway, I wouldn’t bother with the Zebralights and just buy the Ultrafire UF-H2. I also like the sipik clones and Rominsen stuff

just Fax 'em a copy of your Paypal statement...

Elektro Lumens Search and Rescue - To replace my Deft - Unless Saabluster makes me another one

Xtar S1 - (When production begins) - To replace my Elektro Lumens Big Bruiser

Dereelight DBS V3 Aspherical EZ900 1.5 amp pill - To replace the same

UltraFire UF 980L - To replace the same

Those are just for starters.

I would hold on to the rest of the cash to spend on the next latest and greatest much more slowly and wisely.

Zebralight SC600, 4Sevens charger and a couple Callies Kustoms 18650s.

Seriously, that is all the light I need. Everything in my sig, aside from the Zebralight and Streamlight, sit in a drawer. Unused. I should probably sell the stuff off.

Well , with hind sight , if I lost my collection - Personally would no attempt to reconstruct it ...

I think a few well chosen lights , would take care of business ..

Dont know I would bother with XR-E , unless I really wanted the host to mod [ to XM-L ]

I would replace :

N-light B3 and B2 , ITP - Maratac - My two Jetbeams - Maybe 5 L2's [ might be enough ] , Build one A20 [ XM-L @ 1.4A - 3 mode ] Love the A20 .

A few large head XM-L throwers , Hmmmm Mags = Dont really use them - have some - but they dont really get used .. [ Sentimental ownership ]

Maybe a few more quality [ expensive AA ] lights [ Maybe ]

every light I buy has a role...a purpose (a few are just ). so do my 20+ guns. I sold a few of those when I needed money for school but someday I'll replace them, and I'd replace every light, although it might be the w/ the latest greatest...

it really would suck...losing all the work put into that stuff. same with my boat and camper - none of it is worth selling because I've put so much time into transforming them to suit my needs and taste...

the insurance company would never compensate me for that...

but...i'm not overly attached to any of it either. if it was ALL gone tomorrow, I'd have to spend a hell of a lot less time fixing and maintaining stuff

I will probably buy 2 lights: 1 big and 1 EDC one (both great quality)

Id go out and buy:

Fenix LD20

Fenix E01 in black or grey

EOS i3 in blue

Eneloop battery set from Dell for 25$ (8AA and 4AAA plus charger)

I think with just that Id be set!

If he has more than 85 flashlights i will believe that i am ok!

Mostly parts and make my own.

My collection fluctuates a lot . . . I've got about 80 right now and maybe a third of those are old Mags and junk. Certainly nothing compared to some . . . I bet Don is deep into triple digit territory. If I were to start over, there might be a couple dozen I would order right away. The worst part would be losing the budget customs - the F15 and C88 Erik made for me, the Tank E07 BLF members gave me following my 3 month hiatus in (unsuccessful) flashlight rehab. It's not a huge deal but lights like my silver L2i would be difficult to replace, not to mention several dozen bezels, batteries, caps, drop-ins . . .

At this point in my life, the financial impact might be second to how heartbroken I would be . . . I really don't want replacements; I want these lights, the ones I already have. I know it sounds stupid but as my body deteriorates, this strange hobby has become quite important to me.