Something for the front door

Or porch I guess you can call it… very small area… anything solar based that can charge during the day (gets a decent amount of sun) and runs through the night?
Maybe some kind of lantern setup… thanks!

Are you talking about lighting your porch area or around it?

Actually its just the front door area… quite small… about 2 metres square… Just some ambient lighting… nothing too bright… thanks

I have seen some solar charged flood lights here which have a motion sensor.
Some have dozens of 5mm LEDs and a 6V PB battery, and some had dozens of SMD LEDs and AA batteries. Both with big enough solar panels.
My neighbor has one of these and it is bright enough to enlighten his porch.
I doubted that it will work in the winter when he installed it, but it worked really good(i pass it almost every day when talking a flashlight for a walk) He adjusted the ontime really short so that it will not discharge the battery too much too be killed from the cold weather which I predicted.