Something is not right with banggood and shipping times..

so-exactly one month-delivery from ordering….thats not bad,but also not so fast as i fought…

It’s been over a month since I ordered the Astrolux MF04 XHP-35 NW from Bangood and they haven’t even shipped yet, they’re still “restocking”, my order is “being processed” and “Lullaby” from customer care is trying to put me to sleep with crap like “we’ll ship soon” or “please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything” or other similar evasive crap. Its like emailing with a bot. I’m starting to be a little worried and a little pissed because they’re keeping my $160 for over a month now and some kid is telling me over email to “feel free to contact us at any time, especially if this parcel is not dispatched on time” when they have no idea when they will ship the f parcel.

ridicilous!! just do a paypal dispute, they have clearly not shipped your order therefor u have right to cancel and get your money back, if they cant manage get it in stock its not your problem, they shouldnt be suprised nobody wants wait a month for an order and its still not sent out… madness

Well, I made the mistake of using my credit card for payment so I’m screwed and have to wait for them to deliver. It’s not right to keep someones money like that, if they won’t ship in a weeks time I’ll think of something to make their life a little harder.

Did you try using the order screen to cancel and get a refund? It has worked for me in the past when stuff wasn’t in stock. Just took a couple of days. I pay with Paypal, but it should work the same for credit card.

can u not call your credit company and ask them for help ?

My last order was shipped on the 19th and received on the 25th, That was to the uk.

I placed an order on Banggood 2 days ago, and this morning I got a “shipped” notice. So far, so good.

The one I had trouble with this weekend was AliExpress. I put an item into the cart, then logged in (I forgot to do that earlier). This vacated my cart contents. I put the item back into the cart, went (pretty quickly) through the checkout procedure, and at the very last click I got an error message saying my checkout had taken too long and I’d been logged out! The heck with that. I found what I wanted on ebay and bought it there, saving $2 in the process (surprise, surprise).

Bangood purchase $158,36 - Astrolux MF04 - April 26 (34 days after I payed) :

“Dear Pawel Kotelnicki,

Thank you for your letter.

For your order 65269681, we feel so sorry that the predicted restock date:20-22 business days ( For reference only) :

We are sorry for this delay. Would you mind waiting for it?

If not, in order to provide a better service to you, we recommend a few suggestions for you:

Change item: Change the product to another with the same or similar price which is in stock. ( We advise you choose the same category product for exchange. Please notice that we are not able to change the quantity of the product)

Would you please tell us your choice? We look forward to your reply.

Best regards,


My answer to them…there have been only polite answers by me with no sarcasm and only friendly demener for the past month…now I’ve had enough:

“Hi lullaby,

Three things:

1. I don’t want to change the product, I want the product which I ordered and payed for, if I wanted a different product I would have ordered a different product.
2. It is unacceptable to make your customer wait for over a month while keeping his/her money and not giving an exact restock date. Youre still giving me the same old copy/pasted story.
3. I would like to have my money back right now please. Just refund the full order to my credit card. I really don’t like using arguments like the one which Im about to use but you seem to leave me no choice - I’ve been a flashaholic for 20 years and I will make sure however/wherever I can that you loose some business over this if I will not be taken care of properly like I should have been. Please ship my flashlight or refund my money - right now.

Pawel Kotelnicki”

FFS you don’t do that to people. You don’t take someones money and do bot like communication with them. It’s really shitty service and any company doing it either realises that or it will inevitably go out of business eventually (thats info for you Bangood) I’m thinking they’r fucking with me because I used the code to buy the MF04, if I payed the full price of $220 the’d probably treat me right, right? I’m pissed, I wanted this light for a long time, when the BLF GT was in the making I couldnt afford it, now I can afford this thrower and lullaby is copy/pasting shit at me for weeks. Life sucks sometimes - a sincere f you to Bangood. I hope you owners all loose your money in Makau playing poker. Consider this a curse :stuck_out_tongue:

/\ Cool koti… :beer: … Keep us posted of “Lullaby’s” reply please. :wink:

I will make sure to keep posted everyone here on BLF, heres my followup to „lullaby” :

„My order with you is on BLF being posted right now as I’m typing this. I will post it on CPF and all the flashaholic facebook groups tomorrow. You failed to put me to sleep lullaby with your months worth of copy/paste crap. I will make sure the whole flashlight community all over the world will know about bangood keeping my money and not shipping my order. Ship my flashlight please or face the consequences of me giving you bad PR. For months, I promise.
One more email from you stating „Would you please tell us your cihoice? We look forward to your reply” and I swear I will make it my priority to bad PR you however I can in the months to come.

Sincerely yours,
Pawel Kotelnicki.”

:+1: … To the point & simple to understand. :slight_smile: . :beer: