Something is not right with banggood and shipping times..

do paypal dispute, i did that and now i must wait to april 29th and then paypal will decide… i mean if an order or tracking havent arrived in 50 days almost then its obvious i should get my money back.

so do a dispute and things will hopefully end with your money back.

BG shipping insurance has nothing to do to with it. You paid for goods, they did not arrive.

Forget dealing with BG customer service, too much hard work, they try many tricks to delay you, ask you to jump through hoops all the way. As a last resort, tell BG customer service they have 3 days to refund you otherwise you will make a PP claim. Or just make a claim via PP.

Yeah, I’ve had a few bad experiences with them this year already, really putting me off. Last year I had a faulty A6, got a replacement driver after sending a video. Relatively simple and painless process. This year, same cs rep, completely different story.

I’ve raised a claim and will escalate to a dispute in a few days. As you say, it is pointless speaking with their cs if they are not immediately receptive as they will just keep giving you the run around.

File paypal dispute immediately. The shipper takes your money, they are required to deliver. If there was no insurance, that is Banggood’s fault, not yours. You wouldn’t be able to insure or collect on the insurance even if you wanted to. Only the shipper can do that. If Banggood didn’t want to lose packages, they would require insurance for everything, and charge accordingly not giving customers the choice. Fact is, these chinese companies just swallow the insurance money anyway. They never insure anything even when they charge for it.

Wow,S9 ordered on 4/10, delivered on 4/29. Record time.

wow disputes on paypal takes forever….

12 April 2019Being reviewed by PayPalEstimated resolution date:17 May 2019 :person_facepalming:

Ordered 4 batteries from BangGood on the 29th April from China to the UK. Was told they were shipped on the 1st April (now i read that, i’ve just noticed the date on there…) and have an EXPECTED delivery date of the 1st May 2019.

Now i KNOW that things from China can be held up and delayed and i wasn’t too worried as i had bought a flashlight from Aliexpress at the same time which apparently left there on the 31st March and arrived on the 25th April! But these are batteries, the box is tiny, surely it can’t take up that much space on a plane that it is put back and back and back?

Never had any issues with previous items from there though. All the others turned up in 5 - 15 days!

Finally, after 2 months waiting for an order that never arrived or probably never will i got my money back… so much for help from BG… all i got was keep waiting 5 more days bla bla…. so always use paypal when buy from them and they cant do anything…

**Hello mortuus

We reviewed the information regarding the below claim and have accepted your claim.

We credited the full disputed transaction amount of 189,04 SEK to your PayPal balance or payment method you used to complete this transaction. If you paid with a credit or debit card, the funds are refunded to your card. It can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement.

This case is now closed. We are sorry that you experienced a problem with this transaction, but hope you are happy with the outcome of this case

hm…ordered things 11 april…29 in hands….never had problems with them….

yeah i didnt either prior to this, 15+ orders all with same shipping “Priority direct mail” but right gotta be right, they had my money 2 months and my goods never arrived so…

i would ask them after 2 weeks whats going on….or so…never waitid so long.except christmas and year…do the paypal dispute….2 months and more is not ok!!

yeah i mailed them several times, asking where is my package ,tracking never updated only one time march 7 item is pre-advised that made no sense… only got back same response, “wait 5 days shipper will soon update” i mean what lame response was that lol ? good thing there is paypal otherwise many customers would lose money on such…

so if anyone is waiting one month or more and still not arrived, just do a paypal dispute and u should get money back hopefully like i did.

yes.i did this for the first time with dealextreme.dead eshop for me….and money are back:))do the paypal

Glad you got your money back. :+1: … Stuff just happens sometimes… for no reason.

Don’t let one bad experience outweigh all the 15+ good ones.

It sucks that the law of averages caught up to you. Your package is lost to who knows where. Might even show up. That is probably what they were hoping for. Next year I am staying away from CNY even if the deals are good. Too much drama.

I made my first order with BG on an in-stock Convoy C8+and two S9s for gifts using coupon codes last week. Now on backorder suddenly…

For several years, I considered BG to be a trusted seller.
Something’s wrong this year.

XTAR VC2 paid 27/02/2019 - not yet delivered, NCR18650 paid 7/7/2019 - not yet delivered,
DQG Slim paid 14.4.2019 - money back offered, allegedly not in stock but on stock,
Sofirn SP36 paid 25.4. - offered a refund.

I don’t understand the point of sale that doesn’t sell.

I wanted to add one more data point to the discussion:

- ordered a flashlight on banggood

- tracking showed up 3 days afterwards (on all relevant tracking sites)

- arrives at customs/import border check about 12 days afterwards

  • at my door 5 days afterwards
    In total 21 days with tracking.

their live chat sometimes work sometimes not?

never worked for me, but they are available immediately on facebook messenger