Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Stay tuned...

You're such a tease! Tongue out

dont tell me you jammed three XP-G's in one mini mag lol

Match = MacGyver Cool

Reading from the title I thought you got one of those Wicked Torches

I love it! Looks like a baby "Hydra" (triple XM-L mag) I just got from Lambda. Tell us more Match.

Baiting us , me thinks ... Ok time to reel us in .

speaking of triple XM-L

i wish they made that on a 20 or 21mm star/circle board!

that would make any P60 style mod MINT!

i would be building them ALL day long. triple XM-L is nice, if it was made smaller :-P

and i know heat would be a problem, but it doesnt mean it cant be done lol

xP.1337 nailed it. Triple XP-G 2aa size Mini Mag powered by 2x14500. I'm just about done with the design phase. I should know how hard I can push it after I get done with the thermal stress testing of the head/heatsink (I have no illusions of long runtimes).

Since every good project needs a Scope Of Work, here's what's in store for this one:

- Standard 2aa mini maglite host

- Triple XP-G board /w narrow optics

- As large of a copper heatsink as I can reasonably fit into a mini mag head

- Powered by 2x14500 li-ion

- Multi-mode

- Over 1000 lumens output intermittent use.

- Total material cost < $40 (The work and handfitting is going to be a bugger though...)

So, that's how it looks. This all came about after I was going through my parts bins and noticed I still have an unused triple w/ optics. I had originally purchased them to make a P60 drop-in, but I find myself reaching less and less for my P-60s. So the triple board just sat until one night I wondered "Hey, will these fit into that?(mini-mag)". Sure enough the optics fit like they were made for it, which is all you see in the teaser pic above.

The rest will require boring the head to 20mm...

and fabricating a pure copper heatsink...

and figuring out what driver will not only fit...but work with 2 li-ion and 3 leds...oh, and hit my target current...

Then stuffing it all into the wee space that is a mini mag head.

And finally remembering that I need a way to turn the bugger on and off.

No sweat!

Get on Ebay , they sell tail clickies , I have two , a standard clicky and a multimode one [ wont handle such voltage ]

Yeah , I was wondering about that , [ optic only ] kind of explains things a little ..

I was going to stuff a SSC P7 in a minimag with an optic , but would really need a lathe , and what driver [ multi mode ] would fit and handle the voltage ?

If you could get everything in the head , thats great , there is room in there .. KD sells a 8.4v 19mm driver .. [ rated to 15v , but its not really , 8.4v is about max for reliable use ]

Looks like a very interesting project .

I really want that lathe ......

I thought about doing the same thing with a direct drive 3 x AA mag using nimh to avoid the driver issue all together. Do you know what the Vf is for your star? You could tape together 3 nimh and direct drive the star using a DMM to monitor the Amps and gauge performance. Just use the DMM probe for your contact switch. Surprisingly, my Hydra will run full tilt on 3 x AA for a good 12 minutes using eneloops.

direct drive two ni-zn?

The cutter XML boards cen be trimmed according to the track layout. Might not get the optics to fit though, they are spaced out to fit optics for MR16 size things.


I got the head bored to 20mm and got the heat sink made.

Considering it's size, the heatsink works fantastically. 20mm x 10mm thick pure copper cupped out 17mm x 5mm on the back for the driver. I'll throw up a pic later.

But , that all may be in vain... During testing I sent 2.8 amps to one of the emitters ( I think).

At least you will understand how its put together and the RMA acceptance period will be within nanoseconds!!

What driver did you use?

These are way more expensive!! but look promising. Wonder what programming flexibility is provided, can you write your own program?;_sx=0&amp;_sy=60

okwchin, I've been looking at the lux-rc stuff for awhile and was just about to go that route...but then I came up with a better idea.


IT LIVES! build post forthcoming...

....I await this build thread :D hehehe

You really should have gone with the 3 x XM-L's then it might have got up to 451F :P