Sony 18650 Protected 3000MAH

Thinking about trying a few. Anyone know anything about them good or bad? Thanks.

I emailed the seller and was told that they are protected.


Please explain. Thank you.

I do not think sony make 3000mAh li-ion batteries.

No manufacturer sells to the public. Due to the explosive nature of li-ion batteries.

Plus its too cheap to be true.


Worst cell out there, I'd say. Not even worth 1 buck per cell.

Thanks guys. I guess I will buy some more of these then. I have had pretty good luck so far with them. I just ran a test with my Keygos K-5 light and these Ultrafire batteries seem to last longer than the Trustfire flame battery as for beam brightness after 1hr on high.

Actually that is the same batteries I'm using and my 1st 18650s, up to now its still going strong and comparable to my better named batteries. I have one soaked in water for a few hours inside a flashlight and after drying, it still performs as if nothing happen, just a visible stain of rust.

Yea I really do like them. I can't tell any advantage that the Trustfire Flame batteries have over them.

The Sony are fakes. Take a look at the battery list of old4570 or the test result:

Only 970 mAh @ 500mA discharge rate.

Next point protection: I have never seen 18650 of Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo or LG with protection. They produce them for business clients (as a part for laptops) not for endconsumer.

Other people built in a protection and sell them. This are people who build AW. Redilast or XTAR batteries.

Thanks for that link. I just sent it to ebay customer support and filed a complaint against the seller.

Fake for sure. I checked with a reputable Sony reseller here locally and they say the highest capacity currently available is the 2600 mAh US18650GR cell. His most recent parts catalog from Sony doesn't even list a cell with a higher capacity than that and the price per piece on the 2600s is higher in bulk than those ebay cells are going for retail.

Grey ultrafires are a crapshot. It's possible you get decent ones, but just as likely not.

Well I don't know. The one I compared beat the Trustfire flame battery. I'll test some more.

They seem to be rated very good here.

Just buy 2 good AW or Redilast cells instead of buying a bunch of ultracrap that might blow up. Heck I even use unprotected Sanyo 2400 cells I got from laptops.

Why bother with hit or miss, how many cells do you really need?

Well that's my opinion anyway.

Thank you "undercover" poster. ;) lol

Well buy what you want. I like these for the money. And I plan on buying some more.

I'd definitely avoid the fake crap on eBay, but the "good" 18650's like AW and Callie's are amazingly expensive compared to decent cells (not some of the garbage ones) on DX, etc. Will your lights really know the difference? Most of the testing I've seen says No.