Soon will have 2000 registered users.

Well done Mr. Admin!

And thanks to all the folks who make this such a fun place to hang out in.

Cheers folks and for those of you who get Thanksgiving off, I hope you have a great time.

Thank you & same to you!

hi and thanks to everybody, since when exactly does this place exist?

BLF is still a small place imho.

It'll be two years old in January.

I hope it keeps the feel of a small place, that makes it more fun.

Sure doesn't feel like that many people... which is great! It's always nice to have more members yet still get that close-knit community feeling.

We're still vulnerable to the occasional squabble due to varying socio-political views and cultural differences, but we get over it

Not even 2.0 years old? wow. i feel honored to be among the first 2000 registered users! Since my last orders (several copies of Lumintop Worms and Xeno E03) i dont really plan to buy more lights (except maybe for the DQG AAA Titanium and eventually some Quark or Zebralight haha lol) in the next few months other than gifts, but i certainly enjoy the posting freedom (e.g. linking to special sales, criticizing suspicious dealers, ..) over here. Therefore i'll be back frequenting this way for the fun of it, and when people have questions or comments regarding my reviewed torches.

And i surely appreciate that there is so much good worth in budget lights (e.g. by good old manufacturing sites such as Romisen™), and seldom does the gain in benefit or quality justify the much higher prices of premium priced lights. Yeah, premium lights *are* higher quality stuff .. but they are also up to 10x more expensive lol!

May dad place live long! cheers.

All I know is this place has cost me a lot of money looking at all these nice flashlights that are posted here. Well the looking isn't what caused the spending it's the wanting to have that did that. But the temptation is overwhelming but worth it I guess. Thanks to all the members here and the owner who makes this place what it is.

Agreed. More personal, fewer egos and friendlier management. It's like the local pub vs. Margaritaville .

Which is a good sign. It used to be that if you did a Google on anything to do with lights all the links were to the Other Place. Now they are to somewhere that will actually give you some useful information. Without registering. The budget light area of the Other Place is not currently accessible to me as I can't remember any of the login details there. Nor do I care....

2000 that's a big number ;)

We should switch on our flashlights at the same time, there will be no darkness in the entire wolrd haha, it could be millions of lumens (yes 99% of us have more than one flashlight).

I'm here also now. =)

That's very true. I often find with online search I get BLF and the "other site" at the top of my results, trading places for #1 and #2. That's not bad, considering CPF has quite the jump on BLF, not to mention a whole lot more members.

And very welcome you are. Have fun here.

This is THE ONE AND ONLY forum for budget lights! I wouldn't buy some of the lights I've purchased without the recommendations and reviews on this forum. Thanks Don!

Great result! This means that is really a good place to be... Thanks admin and thanks to everyone helps to keep this place like this.