Sooooo... What do you really want for Christmas?

I have a lot of wants. A 10" tablet would be nice. A $100 gift certificate to DX and KD would be nice also... But what I would really like is to roll the years back about 10 years or so. Then my wife wouldn't have reached the beginning stages OldTimers yet and she would know what's going on... Maybe she's better off not knowing...

Actually this wasn't supposed to be a sad thread, but a way to hear what everyone else wants for the holiday, so don't mind my pessimism, it's just my way of being happy!Smile

So what do you really want for the holidays?

Some one post me a Tardis !

I'm going to just put in selfish flashlight wishes, otherwise I'll just make depressing ones too...

For my crazy wish, a custom 3C maglite clone. 6 xml, titanium body. Basically a less(more?) evil version of this

More practically, I'm gonna say a Xeno E03.

As for reality... I'm probably going to get a decent budget charger.

A one thousand dollar gift card to the Mustang Ranch off exit 28 just outside Sparks Nevada 15 minutes from Reno Airport :)

Trying to relive last Christmas, are we?

A Crelant 7G5 and a Olight SR50. That should just about do it.

I really do love my wife and have never thought of cheating on her... But if Angelina Jolie were under the tree on Xmas morning... Tongue Out

There are only a very few women that I think are devasting. Angelina is one, Sophia Loren was another. It's not just looks, it's a whole sensuality thing, like a female Tiger or Lioness. Something earthy and primitive.

I am designing a 3D model for a 2 led headlamp, a similar body to the Spark SD6-500CW, but with one XM-L and one XR-E at the same time and a single 18650 battery pack on the back of my head.

The idea is to have a decent throw with the XR-E while plenty of flood with the XM-L, and a single 2-3 mode driver delivering 3A on high to be shared between the two leds.

I hope I will end the design shortly, and a friend will try to machine it on a single piece of aluminium.

I do not plan to buy any flashlight, but who knows haha.

A friend of mine wants a much bigger house as he's run out of walls to hang paintings on - he even has them hung behind doors. His partner is going nuts at him.

My needs are more modest.

A large trolley and half an hour to run around Lighthound's warehouse. And, of course, not having to pay for what I put in the trolley.

I probably couldn't afford the air fare to Texas (It appears to be quite a bit cheaper to fly from the US to the UK than vice-versa) anyway :(

Or a large van and a visit to DX's warehouse...

Apart from that, maybe some more IMR cells.

I am a simple guy, one billion euros will be fine...

I guess that's not asking for too much. LOL!

a woman that does not moan ?, well i don't mind at that right time eh :-)

a woman who can't get enoguh sex ?.. the list can go on... ha ha...

I'm with Don, I want to back my Passat wagon up to Lighthound's will-call and load it with one each of all the things I'll never be able to afford.

I would also like a $2,500 gift card to


I wouldn't mind one of each Surefire made so I could laugh at them then sell them.

i want the new white shadow pro... but im broke and itll be like 3 weeks of no buying and saving to get it. then itll be gone

I won't ask for any flashlights because I don't trust anyone to pick the one I actually want, haha.

I really don't have any material requests for Christmas. I just want good company and to patch things up with a special lady

Been there. Got the scars.

Hope it works out better for you than it ever has for me.

Here's hoping it does work out.

A lotus esprit s1, s2 or s3 :)

if we are talking cars then... id like a subaru svx with about 10g to put in it. or a porsche 911 gt3. or a infinity g35, or a acura nsx.... i dont think thats too much to ask

funny story. about 5 years ago there was a silver subaru svx for sale with 60k miles and a bad tranny for $2000 on the way to work. it was there for about a year and a half. i finally decided i wanted it. didnt spend a cent for 3 weeks. i didnt have a license for another 2 years so it could have sat in my dads garage for that time and did a wrx 6spd tranny swap and a few other things. i stopped in a thursday morning and talked to them with 2100 cash in my pocket, decided to wait til the next day to get another check and not be broke. so friday morning i stopped in. car was gone. the guy said he sold it the night before for $1600

well i guess its not funny. you guys might think so but im still pretty mad the guy wouldnt drop it at all for me

Any car is fine for me :D