Soto Pocket Torch

Soto Pocket Torch - SEP Forum

A few folks here know that I test/review a lot of different survival/emergency preparedness/bushcrafting gear. This is one of my latest items to test on the next SEP Gathering. Recommended to me by a member of the SRI Forum (where I moderate) and he’s the one that made the YT video. So I sprung for the $20 and bought one on Amazon. Got it in the mail yesterday and it’s actually pretty cool. I can see doing several projects with this piece of gear as well as having it in the pack. They use a Scripto style disposable lighter as the fuel source (not Bic, apparently those don’t fit). Everyone knows that Scripto’s are available for cheap practically everywhere and you can get them in packs for like $2 at places like Walmart. As I mention in the thread above, I got a box of 50 off brand Scripto-style disposable lighters at the flea market for only $5. They work just fine as a regular disposable lighter but I was curious if they would work in the Soto. Well they worked just fine. Very happy about that. So for anyone interested, this might be a handy little item.


Interesting never seen one made like this, I had one which used such a lighter internally but without the metal clip and a little rubber tube about the gas nozzle.
How does this work internally? Can you make a picture of the underside with removed lighter?

Anyway I am really happy with the cheap refillable ones which you can get for around 3$, so I wont buy one of these