Soup can driver upgrade

Hi all, I’ve been lurking for a while but I need some help. I have a soup can light uses 4-18650’s. I want to replace the emitters and driver to make a high power flood. Originally I wanted to use a XHP70, but looks like getting 5A/6V is impossible from 3V. Now I’m thinking XHP50 3V version. As far as I can tell Mountain Electronics is the only supplier of 46mm driver boards (please let me know if I’m wrong). The SRK 32x 7135 Driver looks promising, its just enough amps to run two XHP50’s. But I’m not sure it will ever be in stock :(. The SRK V2 FET + 7135 Driver is in stock but I’m not sure exactly what it does. I’m a complete noob and dont fully understand FET means exactly. Would it work what I’m trying to do? Is there any other drivers that fit the bill? I appreciate any help. thanks :slight_smile:

Try diffusion film first, to see if that gets you a nice floody beam?

Lotta can-lights also have a side e-switch, which kinda marries it to a particular driver (mounting, satellite-boards, etc.).

Sofirn also makes a driver board for the Q8/-pro.

Swapping the emitters also means swapping the reflector as well, unless you want to make it a mule, in which you’ll no doubt need a spacer, too.

I’d try diffusion film, first. My Tacklife has a too-throwy beam for what I want in an around-the-house light, and all my LuxPro lights have nasty-ass G3s in ’em and correspondingly hideous beams. Slapping on some heavily-diffused diffusion-film worked nothing short of a miracle on each one of ’em. The Tacklife, especially, has a nice floody beam with zero “hotspot”, and fades nicely at the edges. Less-diffused film will just blur the hotspot. So you pick which kind you want, and just slap it on.

Its a mule light and I wanna make it a brighter mule light (with real Cree instead)! I didnt know you could buy just the Q8 driver but I looked it up. The problem is I need constant light output (Constant current, I think?). The light is for underwater photography and its important to have the same brightness in every shot. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm, high-power CC is kinda hard to find, but maybe someone can suggest something.

XHPs have pretty horrible angular tint-shift, ie, out the front is bluer and out the sides is yellower, so you’ll probably need diffusion film anyway.

Last I recall, Nichias seem to be the best, with the least tint-shift. Ain’t up on the Osrams, etc.