Source for alu DTP MCPCBs

I’m going to need some MCPCBs for medium-powered lights.
Copper won’t be any better than alu, but I’d rather stay with DTP. If I can save a couple of grams as well as a couple of cents by going with alu - I’d like to do it.
Well, I can even pay a couple of cents more to save that couple of grams.

Right now I’m looking for XP 16 mm PCBs for < $2/piece, though I welcome suggestions of another sizes / pads too because they may be useful for me in the future.

Any recommendations?

I know you don´t want a copper, but you can this DTP MCPCB from L4P here

Pretty good price 1,07EUR per piece

Adding shipping and service fee it’s not so inexpensive anymore….
but I looked at the shop and they have 20 mm alu non-DTP mcpcbs as well for €0.67.
Non-DTP with MOSLED’s good thermal conductivity is definitely good enough for me.
I have filing MCPCBs to smaller size, but I could do it again…
Maybe if I ordered a couple of other items (which I wanted to do anyway) the fixed costs will amortize to some OK value…

Overall I have mixed feelings, but it seems better than Simon’s copper boards for my use.

You know weight savings from DTP Cu to DTP Al is only 1.45g right? And that’s assuming a 20mm MCPCB*, a 16mm (or one you file down to a custom size) will be even less of a difference.

Your “saving a couple grams” argument is moot.

Al 20mm XP SinkPAD2 = 1.55g
Cu 20mm XP SINKPAD2 = 3.00g

Cutter electronics sells them but shipping will be expensive.

Not a couple but about 0.9 g then. Still fair.
MOSLED Alu is 1.25g, same 20 mm. Led4Power doesn’t list weight of copper board, but says it’s over 3 times heavier. That would be over 1.6g saving.

Anyway, I prefer not to have that extra ~1g. It is marginal, yes. But 1g here 2g there and my backpack is eventually 100g lighter.

Thanks for the suggestion. But yes, that’s not cheap for me.

Copper density: 8,96g/cm^3

Aluminum density: 2,7g/cm^3

Copper is 8,96/2,7=~3.3 times heavier than aluminum.

Agro, I send you PM.