Source for switch related parts

I have had no luck sourcing a few parts related to switches. The parts I am talking about go between the switch and the boot. In the case of the Convoy S lights, it is a metal washer that is easy to find at a hardware store.

In the case of lights with larger switches like KAN-28 or forward clicky switches, there is a plastic piece that I’m having trouble finding. This piece is found in lights such as the UF 1405/1504 (which uses KAN-28) and Brinyte B158 (which uses a forward clicky). It fits around the KAN-28 (or forward clicky) perfectly and presses against the switch boot.

I would like to use these to convert forward clicky lights to use KAN-28 switches because they are nearly a drop-in replacement. Does anyone know of a source for these parts?

You don’t really need that part. Just find more washers or plastic that fits under the switch for support and and clicky hight. Sometimes with fwd switches, you have to snip off the little nub in the rubber boot.