Southern Ontario residents...70 mph winds...outages

Get ready to use your weapons…err flashlights. 110 km/hr winds forecast for Sunday.

High probability of lost power.

Cars gassed. Generator checked. Batteries all topped up.

I’m ready, bring it on!

That is incredible winds! I live rural in Northern California by the Oregon border and we got 2 feet of snow in one night last Friday and some more since then and high winds also but not like what’s forcast for you guys!

Spartan….“honey, you want to go to Florida this Sunday?”


Spartan……“free flying”

Good thing I’m not the flying nun……

Right now, the winds are howling past sealed windows. Best sound of all is the screen on the patio door. It’s singing.

It sounds like the soundtrack of a dystopian b-rate movie.

BTW….if you see a Canuck flying by with a Q8 in hand…don’t shoot. :confounded:

If the screen door is “singing”…. you’ve got wind!! . :+1: Be glad your not at sea… :wink:
It’s can be an eerie sound when wires, cables, & such start singing…… :open_mouth:

“The wind in the wires made a tattletale sound And a wave broke over the railing And every man knew, as the Captain did, too, T’was the witch of November come stealing…. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald / Gordon Lightfoot

Love that song.

Long time ago, to put some food on the table while going through university, I use to drive a truck. With an empty trailer, even moderate winds are scary when crossing a high bridge. In this wind, even with a fully loaded trailer, I would park the rig and settle down for some zzz’s.

I hate it when “authorities” dictate what we do, but if a driver is running with an empty trailer and crosses some of the high bridges and gets into an accident, I would charge them with reckless driving.

/\ …… Agree. :+1: