Spam in PM's now?

I just got my first spam in PM form from Lilyli87 who just says "Hello Mr. GCBryan how are you?.
Anyone else?
I’m fine by the way :slight_smile:

me too and its not the first time its happened

It was my first time for pure spam. I got an “offer” from Happiness once to test a dive light if I wanted to cough up $100.
I did not :slight_smile:

Happiness is gone now. Did any of the comments from Lilyli87 contain links or weird offers?

Thanks for mentioning this.

No, the only weird thing was being contacted at all through PM.

And I always thought Spam came in a can and closely resembled some sort of meat although no one seems to know just what kind of meat it is.


if lily is an actual girl and not a robot or dude, then i wouldnt mind being harassed by her :*

I got an indecent offer by gcbryan that is planning his vacation in sicily... she send me some photos of an hot girl with a flashlight on the wrong place... :Sp

I'm confused / puzzled :*

sry it's raining I'm bored xD



should rain the rest of the week so that we get more such posts by you! xD

Just got this one

how are you?
My name is miss Fauna (,
I saw your profile today on here and became interested in you, and I also like to know you the more, and I want you to send an email to my email address so I can give you my picture for you to know whom I am. Here is my email address ( I think we can move from here!

I saw your profile and admire it i think we can make it together I like to make friends from all over the world to share and exchange ideas of mutual benefit and to establish good relationship.

I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. (Remember the distance or color does not matter but love matters a lot in life) I will be happy to read from you Because I have something very serious important to share with you as soon as i read from you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Forever Fauna."

So did I, three copies of it.

I think its Greta in disguise trying to distract us from BLF........

And I thought I was special.. damn!

she is interested in me too!! :D

She got my hopes up. I thought I was special. Turned out she is a playa.

Now did anyone tried to reply through their email and got the pictures?

"Fauna" is deleted now. Thanks for letting me know. Sent a TON of those PMs.

I thought miss Fauna and I had a future together, and now I hear she and atbglenn are an item!

That cheating two timing no good .....

And you atbglenn, what happened to bros before hoes?

Sorry Ford, Normally I would agree with you, but with a name like Fauna, how can I possibly resist. I hope you!


Man you are fast! I got one of those spam messages while I was in a meeting and when I got back to check, it was already gone. Good job!

I have just had a spam email from Dino direct! I know it's fake because it says they are getting ready to ship my order, and I've only been waiting a month! Can't be real!