SPECIAL SALE Panasonic NCR18650A $5.99!

SPECIAL SALE Panasonic NCR18650A $5.99!

Panasonic NCR18650A 3100mAh Button-Top Cells - $5.99 NOW!

FOB Boston

Shipping Cost for 2 is $2.99

Shipping Cost for 4 is $3.99

Special Sale Quantities are limited.

Maximum of FOUR (4) per BLF Member

Price is not retroactive and Back Orders are not possible.

Please place orders via PM to KumaBear

Apologies in advance if we run out – but we’ll advise you.

Time is limited.

Still US Only (sorry – it’s the law)

(This is just another way for the KumaBear Crew to say Thank You!)

A Reminder: Don’t forget to post your entries in the CONTEST:


Dam your American laws

Protected or unprotected?

Also Kumabear, I think lions can be shipped internationally if they are in a container.

Please think of the international children 0:)

PM sent for 4… please let me know if you didn’t get the PM among all the database hiccups this morning.

PM sent for 2, but only if they are protected cells.

Thanks, Bob!

? i guess unprotected, or he would have said, but i’m wondering, too

They are unprotected, button top, green wrapper.

I would have to agree with this.

I’ll take 4, PM sent. thanks

PM sent for 4. Corrected request.


I was away from the computer for a few hours after posting the information about the Special Sale on the NCR18650A – and was surprised by some of the posts in the thread.

I’m still having a little trouble trying to understand how confusion arose regarding the cell we put on sale.

We were simply hoping to make some BLF members happy with a great price on a great product. The last thing we wanted to do was to disappoint people.

That’s why the post said that the quantities and the timeframe are both limited.

The post also said “Panasonic NCR18650A.”

Nowhere did it say “protected” or “Keeppower Brand.”

It’s true that we stand apart from many suppliers and manufacturers that don’t want you to know what’s under the wrapper on their batteries – but we’re happy with - even proud of our “lineup”.

Perhaps our practice of being “transparent” about what are inside those Keeppower labels caused a little unfortunate confusion here. Perhaps it was just a little “wishful thinking” but if you happen to be one of the people who were confused, we would like you to know that we’re very sorry for the confusion.

As you’re aware, we stock Keeppower Brand Protected Batteries as well as unprotected batteries by Sanyo, Panasonic, DLG, KING, MNKE – and soon other very high quality Brands – even other categories of product.

To sum up, most BLF members know the market very well and are aware that $5.99 is a terrific price.

Best Regards and HAPPY HOLIDAYS,

KumaBear (Bob)

It’s almost 1:30am so we’ll need to answer all the PMs tomorrow. I hope you’ll understand.

No, you didn’t say protected or non protected, and it looks like that omission left everyone confused.

We first inquired minutes after you posted and 9 hours before you responded, and I know that I googled the cell identification that you posted, and I couldn’t unravel if it was protected or not, and a number of long term members were just as confused as me it seems.

But you are correct, “Nowhere did it say “protected”“, so it was our mistake I suppose, I’m too new to argue the point.

If you know what a Panasonic NCR18650A cell is, you will not be confused. A cell is not a “protected battery,” it is what protected batteries are made from.

I understand your point but technically a battery is a grouping of cells, so a NCR18650A with a protection circuit is still just a cell. As for whether or not it is protected, now we know but there was no real way to tell. The omission of the word keeppower means nothing since they are all from keeppower. (Some have labels, some dont)

Thank you (real good price from a BLF member that - from what I’ve read in various forum posts - has only received the highest accolades for his products and service!)

No, not everyone:

No need for that as Kumabear has his price sheet here at ONLY BATTERY ORDERS for YOUR BLF US-BASED BATTERY SUPPLIER where it is clear that he sells - among the entire range of offerings - Keepower 3100 mAh cells (comprised of in part a Panasonic NCR18650A cell) as well as the Panasonic NCR18650A 3100 mAh/$5.99 sale cells.

Well said….

LOL, ok.

I think I’ll head over to Fasttech and buy 4 protected Panasonic NCR 18650A for $2.80 more than the unprotected ones on this thread.

Hey, no one’s going to dissuade you from pursuing a purchase from fastech or any another entity for that matter… ’tech has been using ePacket for their shipping and you get things real fast, especially living in the westernUS.

Not sure what the “LOL, ok” is about: your characterization of the prior misinferences in this thread was, after all, inaccurate.

Anyway, g’luck with your cells.

s. all protected cells are not created equal: after you query them, post the protection pcb manufacturer for that 3100 mAh Panny for the edification of the rest of us here, ok (I might just pick up a few if its Japanese)

Thanks in advance!