SPF...MT-G2 led

Hey guys I got a extra new mt-g2 led would like to sell for 18.00 SPF

My pp >>>> asphericlenses@yahoo.com

First to post ill take it gets it :slight_smile: good luck

What's the voltage? 6V?

What's the CCT rating (500k, 600k)?

Ill post that in a sec I’m trying to find my invoice paper but it is a cool white and 6v

MTGBEZ-00-0000-0B00P050H 5000k Cool White

PM sent,backup just in case.

If OL passes my pp is on the first post

Ill take it.

Sorry I was working, couldn't answer. I didn't want it. Glad you sold it.


I seriously can not wait to see someone do something magical with this LED :smiley:

Thanks to nitro for selling me this monster,fast shipping and great packing to boot.Can't wait to get this in a flashlight it will be something crazy.

aghh, good deal

I’ll end up paying shipping

maybe i’ll wait until there’s more excitement and see if we can organize our own group buy to avoid making shipping 50% of cost :slight_smile: