Splav Ray LT Track 2AA Torch From Russia

Here’s something you don’t see everyday…there’s no information about them that I could find except on the Splav Russian website and one seller on EBay.

The Specs From EBay

Operating modes: 100 % - 250 lumens up to 1 hour 30 % - 30 lumens up to 3.5 hours
The range of the light - 120 m
Impact resistant - 1.5 meters
Waterproof case IPX-6
Maximum working time: 3.5 h
Weight without battery: 146 g
SuperBright led CREE XPG-R5
Type of battery: battery type AA (2 PCs) (included)
Durable aluminum housing with anodized finish inside and outside, which ensures corrosion resistance Quick and convenient switching between different modes of the lamp with the button Custom mode allows the user to customize the brightness level of the flashlight also has a strobe mode 

I took one for the team and ordered one and will post an impression when I get it. I am In Australia so might be a month before I get it. I should have waited of course but this is my first opportunity to contribute so I got excited…

I thought the weight was interesting. If correct it’s rather heavy. I don’t know if it is a smooth or orange peel reflector. Cree XPG-R5 might seem like older technology?

Time will tell.

I couldn’t work out how to insert pictures but here is a link to the page.


O, nice flashligt.
I wrote about company info.
Realy, it is Made in USSR?

Hi there, yes it is made in Russia. I just had a notice that it has shipped but it will be a while before it gets here. I’ll post an impression of it when I do. You wrote to them why didn’t I think of that!? I would be interested in any information you get from them.

I received this and have been using it a lot for the last 2-3 weeks and I like it a lot. It has replaced all my other 2xAA torches including things like the Thrunite Archer 2AA V3 and the Olight Baton 2A despite the fact that it is a thrower with a smooth reflector and a ringy beam. I think I must like the solidity and simplicity of it?
It really does weigh 146 grams without the batteries. It has the thickest walls of any torch I have seen.
I have dropped it from waist high onto concrete several times with no apparent ill effect.
One thing of note Eneloop white batteries are a very snug fit. Black Eneloops won’t fit at all. If like me you tape the wrappers on the Eneloops when they come loose they won’t fit this torch has very tight tolerances.
I like it so much I have ordered the Splav Blaze 4A

Now that looks interesting. I do like solidly-built stuff :slight_smile:

Sure looks a lot like a Zanflare F2S. here

Well it is certainly solidly built. It seems to have a quality switch very solid engagement no lateral movement at all. I don’t know if it will last of course only time will tell.

I had the Zanflare F2S, I didn’t think much of it and sold it. I only remembered when you posted that and I checked my orders with Banggood. They look the same yes but I note the Zanflare weighs 71 grams or so while the Splav weighs 141 so there are significant differences in there somewhere.

I was tempted by the Zanflare F2 / F2S lights, but refused to buy them because of the strobe. I still can’t believe they make you suffer the strobe every single time you cycle through the modes…