Sportac triple Nichia "drop in".

Recently I was visiting a friend that has a cabin up here in the poconos. I went outside for a bit of self relief and a fresh beer and while doing so gave might light a quick shine to see if there were any critters around. Long story short when I went back inside he was not happy and went out to his truck to get his surefire C2 his son bought him over a decade ago.

Enter the grease my palm and I can make it better speech and we have a drop in and mcclicky kit in the mail. Overall I’m happy with the module but I wouldn’t exactly call it a drop in. Copper foil tape or something of the like is a must. I used 1/4” foil and did two sections of two wraps at the top of the module and one wrap on the taper and now it functions perfectly. Without the tape it made poor contact and the light would not come on all the time.

Overall a good product but to get it right a little fitting is required. Love the tint, renders color like daylight.

I have a couple of those. Wonderful tint and wonderful floody beam profile. The BICOM optic (similar to a Carclo 10511) is a great floody optic. Mine fit my Solarforce L2T hosts without issue. My only complaint is the on-time memory — and more modes would be nice. I’ve replaced the driver on one of them with an 8x7135 linear driver with the guppydrv firmware.

Sportac says the following about their driver:

I enjoy the extra modes and the fast off-time memory from the new driver, however IMO the original driver does indeed stay in regulation longer.

I wonder what a “1MHz fast switching buck circle” is?