Spot the problem (warning very nude pictures)

Ha, knew that would make you look.
This may be OT, but its sort of why I’ve spent more time meddling with lights over the past couple of years.

Below are some X-rays from when I had my car crash in 2014. For 2 years the docs said there is nothing wrong. There is something visible in the X-rays that the docs missed, just wondering if anyone can spot it.

Well… Initially it looks like you are totally ok… But… But indeed… upon closer inspection of the lower picture…. It’s very subtle…. But it’s clearly there… Yep… It’s definitely there alright…
Sir, I’m afraid I have to tell you you are suffering from a severe case of flashaholicism. :smiley:

Somewhere on this world it is time to serve tea. Or cocktails, if you prefer.
But look at the time stamp. Is it not a bit early for you to go full monty?

Being a mechanic engineer limits my abilities, but than again we were not only trained to observe what is there to see.
Sometimes we should be aware if something is missing. I would say I miss some symmetry. Just guessing: heartburn?


fractured collar bone…?

Missing a kidney?

We need a good radiologist to read it.

Well something is broken.

The X-ray is in radiological convention. Patient’s left hand side is on the right hand side of the image.

Note: I am an engineer and in no way qualified to read an x-ray.

Why is your right side so white? Did you have fluid in your lung?

I’m much better with brains where I’ve had a little bit of training. I’m useless with the rest of the body.

You forgot to take your flashlight out of your pocket?

Your airbag was a Facehugger, and you’ve been gestating an Alien?

Yer a boy, Harry!

Hmm, is the doctor missing some kind of lanyard?
I think it’s in the left lower lung…

So for 2 years I complained of chest pain. They took more X-rays that looked identical to the original. I was told it might be a cracked rib, may take 3 months to get better, or a year. Then told its as a war wound and eat more painkillers. Eventually, after asking a different GP about having an MRI or CT done privately, an MRI was arranged. This is what the X-rays didn’t show:

Fractured sternum. This is why you shouldn’t drive a cheap pickup made in Malaysia, that has no airbags and no NCAP rating.

Within weeks of the MRI I was in hospital having 2 titanium plates and 26 screws fitted. I was fine for 6 weeks, then I twisted myself and the pain came back. After another year of trying to get it sorted I had a CT scan done in June. It took over 4 months to get a report from the CT scan. I had to use PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) in the end. The report said the Radiologist couldn’t see anything causing the pain.

I’m seeing the surgeon again in 2 days, so hopefully get it sorted. The point of this was to see if anyone else could spot what “can” been seen on the original X-ray, which apparently even the Radiologist with the CT data missed. Take a look at the 4th rib on my left (right hand side in the x-ray). Its pushed in more than the other side and gets bigger. I’ve marked it in red:

3D picture created from the CT data:

I have a Bifid rib (I’m a freak, I have a claw in my chest) and what I think is happening is the nerves are getting trapped between the 3rd and 4th bifurcated rib. From what I’ve read, it seams the likely cause. I’ve also read our NHS is getting worse because all the good doctors have moved down under. Better wages, better weather, can’t blame them.

Since the accident I’ve given up archery, my shire horse had to be re-homed, TVR Chimaera re-homed (no power steering) and my Blackbird is sat rusting away in the garage. All because an OAP thought it was OK to drink 2 pints and drive. He thought he was in Spain and hit me head on. Still look on the bright side, I’m getting a nice collection of flashlights.

Lol! You got me with that one! I spent a couple of minutes poring over that X-ray image looking for the gorilla! :person_facepalming:

I hope you finally get things patched up though…

Sounds like you will soon be on the mend. Hope you begin to feel too.

After studying the x-ray carefully and thoroughly I’ve determined — you have no head.

Good one. :+1:

Wait, your doctor only took x-rays? He did not physically examine you by pressing in your chest area with his fingers to locate the source of the pain? :open_mouth:

Made my day… :smiley: