spotlight best one for the $

I live way out the middle of the desert of New Mexico, I need a spot light that can see into the future. Whats the recommendation. Must be 18650 compliant.

The latest SP70 from Sofirn at 5k tint will give a better view over the harsher 6.5k emitters on most throwers. They claim 7000 lumens, but the throw is probably going to be WAY out there regardless… 600 yards or so I’d guess.

I have one on order from and it comes with better high drain 26650s (but can run on 18650s) and a charger for $66 shipped. Might take a while from China and it’s due out in two weeks so a further delay there. But after looking a while, this was my pic and a hellova’ deal for the light, batteries and charger!

I lived 1/2 my life out in NM as a rancher and BLM GIS mapper back in the day… I know how far things are out there and I’ve hunted most of the state the last 45 years. I don’t think you’re gonna’ find anything better for the price. But more money might get you something with more throw, but is it worth it?

Good luck!

since your description is not specific at all, Convoy C8 if you dont need as much light and tighter budget.

I agree with Keron. The sofirn SP70 is a nice light, but expensive and definitely not the best thrower out there (not even for the price). A C8 with a white flat would be a nice spotlight. here

Astrolux FT03, cheap, very high output and USB charging

Hum, OP wants to see into the future… so I tossed out what came to mind. Also the NEW SP70 isn’t out yet so hard to judge it yet? But as throwers go, I am sure there are other great ones out there, but if the budget is a factor, then I’d go with a thrower in a C8 too. But it wouldn’t be a 700 lumen model as suggested above… when I can get a 1600+ lumen thrower like the C8G I just got in yesterday for about the same money.

On sale, the Sofirn C8G is about $30 or so with batteries/charger and the UI ramps, while having about 1750 lumens output. The led output is around 5500k (semi-warm), and the throw is 565 yards (according to Sofirn and last night it easily hit 300 yards off my back deck).

I will use the C8G on my AR 6.8 SPC and 243 for night hunting as it has all the throw one needs for any night shot. Through a decent scope, I am sure I’d see about any target/varmint well after my testing last night. And at 200 yards and out, the semi-narrow beam is WIDER and has perfect coverage at that distance for my needs.

I admit I’m a Sofirn fan, own 20 of their lights and I’ve gifted 1/2 that. They are well engineered and finished tools that are built for the long run. But there are other great brands here to check out too. These two are just lights I’ve spent time researching and talked with Sofirn about BEFORE I bought them. So one guy’s preference anyway :beer:

I’d also recommend a Astrolux FT03 w/SST-40 200KCD for ~$35, 18650/26650, on board charging USB-C. It has ~double the throw of a C8G @875M, with its bigger reflector. I own both.

Im willing to pay 200

If you want to see into the future it’s going to take something bigger than a C8.

Take a look at some of the large-reflectored XHP35 HI lights. Like the Astrolux MF04 and Niwalker BK-LB11SV2 (what an un-necessarily complicated name, lol). These are in the $200 range and will get you around 1000 kcd while keeping a useable beam size. Also the thrunite TN42.

Lights with the bigger SBT90.2 LED will have very high beam intensity and larger beam with more light output but will have less runtime since it take so much power to drive the LED hard. Lights like the acebeam K75 and K65-GT, though these are a bit higher in price.

looks like I may need to spend more money fellas, lol lol you all are great, I’m open to spending a decent amount of money,

Some other good suggestions here for sure. You mentioned 18650 compatible and most of these 26650 lights have battery “tubes” to fit an 18650 into them. BUT, If you are looking at a higher end “spot light” I would seriously consider going high drain 26650 as you’ll see most of these larger lights will be using that battery (or the 21700).

Last thing to consider is run time Vs. output. A super high drain battery in singe cell lights (like some mentioned here) isn’t going to run long even though the DO rock for the first few minutes on turbo!

The lights are regulated at different points on the power curve (many well below turbo) in order to keep heat down and battery run time up. Going with a multi-cell light WITH regulation at a decent output level will give you the same light through the entire battery cycle (AFTER whatever turbo time it can hold— usually a few minutes before stepping-down).

SO… if I need a light to THROW long and bright for my guns… then I don’t need higher regulated, multi-cell lights because I don’t leave the light on for MORE than just a few minutes (if not seconds, as I usually have the pig/coyote already in range when I “hit the light” and fire— then it’s done).

BUT, if I’m out using a spot light in the hand (out in NM west of Las Cruces looking for stuff for more than a few minutes at a time- like coyotes)… then I’d use a multi-cell light with a larger reflector (head) than a C8 form factor (size). And I’d get a light that gets out far enough for what I want running STEADY AT it’s regulated (sustainable) level (running at that level for more than just a few minutes).

If you want to see really far and have money to burn, the original BLF Gigathrower with the xhp35 hi is a good choice around $300, but you need 4 or 8 18650s with it (8 gives longer run time). For an extra $60 or so, theres the backordered and hard to get sbt90.2 version which throws a little farther but is about twice as many lumens (2400 vs. 5100 or so). You need high drain cells with the 90.2 though (4 or 8) and that gets expensive. Last I priced high drain like vtc6 18650 from US sellers it’s around $70 for 8 shipped.

Those are big lights though that you can’t put in your pocket. They are top quality units from Lumintop.

hey fellas it seems like the lumens are lower then my emissary d4, what gives, it doesn’t throw very far.

The throw ability is all about the size and shape of the reflector and size of the emitter die not so much pure lumen output. Smaller emitter dies are more apt to throw if you drive them hard. You can make a MF03 type light with a Osram white flat that makes only 1000lm but throws over 1000m. A bigger reflector with a small emitter (like 3x3mm Sbt90.2) throws really far. A bigger emitter like xhp70.2 in a really big reflector (as in the Gigathrower) can throw far, but you need to drive it hard.

just buy acebeam K75, 6500lm and 2500+ meters of throw, best 18650 thrower there is. BLF GT90 is kinda big and heavy but it is another option

Lack of reflector to concentrate the light into a more focused beam. (short answer)