SST-20 4000K 95CRI.. how yellow is it?

Last week I ordered a MF01S in SST-20 4000K 95CRI. Sort of regretting it now even though it has not arrived yet. For those of you with this tint, is it really yellow or does it seem neutral with very good color rendition?

What’s your favorite tint?
I much prefer 5000k but the 4000k sst-20’s arnt bad at all. Not like a 3500k sst-20 or 7A cree, neither of which I can stand.

A bit more yellow at the low end but up top they’re almost pure white with very little [annoying] red/yellow.

I like 5000k but the way you describe the higher end of the 4000k sst-20, it may be just what I would like thanks.

5000k was one of my best choice the other are just nah.

Here’s some measurements I took on the MF01S SST-20 4000K. The tint is the best SST-20 4000K I’ve seen because it is very likely a FA3 or FD2 tint bin so it is not as greenish yellowish as the more common SST-20 4000K FB4 tint that has been giving it a bad rep. However, the SST-20 tint is known to vary greatly with current. At low output modes, it is somewhat yellowish because of the positive DUV. However, at high output and turbo, the DUV drops to negative (below the BBL) and looks very neutral white with a hint of rosiness. If you take it outdoor at night time and blast it on turbo, the beam color looks like mid day sunlight. One of the best I’ve seen for night time outdoor use.

Thanks SKV89, it appears that I'm going to love the tint then hopefully. I really dislike greenish tints, so it looks like I made the right choice gambling on 4000K.

Yep I just blasted it vs my MT09RTA w/ XHP70.2 4000K 80CRI and it made the MT09R color rendition look horrible. Everything just looks yellowish despite the CCT is slightly higher than the MF01S. Also I took the two outside to play with and a cop stopped by and asked me what was going on. I told him I was testing these lights and handed him the MF01S to play with and he complimented how nice and hefty it feels in the hand. He was impressed how bright it is and said the color of the beam looks like daylight, which it really does at night time compared with CW that looks bluish. When he left, he said becareful, if you play too long, we might get a call from your neighbors.

Forgot where I read it on here, but someone said TA had his hand in selecting the 4K tints for the MF01S, so that would explain why it looks so good. There are many cop stories here on BLF. They must be attracted to the lights overall lol.

I just got the F3W last week in my first SST-20 4K and I think it is my new favorite tint maybe!
Mine does not look green at all and is somehow more white than the 5K 219’s that I have as well?

Maybe I just got lucky but I am OK with that.

I am not a white wall hunter at all but do work with wiring all day long and this light is already an EDC along with the SC64W which I always carry if I am wearing pants!

I used to be a white wall hunter, but as I have gotten older, I have asked myself, why should the white wall tint ever trump CRI? In other words, shouldn’t my primary concern be how well and accurately
my light render the world around me? I also have a FW3A with the stt20 4000k, 95CRI emitters and just love how beautifully and naturally it illuminates everything, except perhaps white walls, at any power level.


You must get some funny looks turning up to work with no pants on :wink:


Should we ask what you carry when you’re not wearing pants?

Was curious, though, about the diffs between the ’20 and ’40, color-/tint-wise.

I work for my self so………. :person_with_crown: