SST-50 drops.. Worth it?

Hi just wondering if these sst-50 drop ins are worth bothering with, considering their price and also the fact that most are under driven.

Just 2 that i've been looking at



I wouldn't buy one. Especially at 32 quid!

A good MC-E dropin will give the same sort of output. The one in my 501 gives just shy of 600 lumens which isn't far off the lumen claims of these dropins. The solarforce one seems to want two CR123s (Not rechargeable) so that is immediately a deal-breaker for me.

I don't think anyone is using a 5A driver in a P60, probably because it'd melt itself too quickly.

Thanks Don that was my initial thought, guess its back to the mag mod then

I think it is much more likely to get you a satisfactory and powerful light. It should make the other lights look like rather ill glow-worms

I understand that SST-50 is going to be underdriven with a 18650 in a p60 dropin but is this:

has - more or less - the same brightness as this?:

I believe they are both underdriven but is there some kind of an advantage to the more expensive sst-50 (for p60 / 1x18650)?

Not really - both are being driven with P7 drivers most likely. The problem is that for the SST-50 that is a little over half the current it wants. If you get a good 501 it'll possibly (?probably) be brighter than the SST.

That said, AFAIK nobody here has got one of these and compared it to other lights - it might be better than I think. That is a pretty good price, but Shenzen Wholesale charges postage doesn't it? The body looks like a Solarforce/504B/Uniquefire L2 clone - that is a good thing.

The $20 DX light can be very bright, though like many such super-cheap stuff I've been lucky and others haven't. I got a very bright 501 - it is my current back door dog spotting light - if I don't keep a light on her she tends to take herself for a walk when let out to empty herself.

I was afraid it would be like this.

Yes, I believe it is 504B/L2 as you said. Shenzen charges for postage but I want some things from them that DX doesn't have (but manafont also have them) like the new 504 body:

so I will probably complete an order with them ($137 in lights + $34 postage OUCH!)

I am going to get a 501 with MCE dropin soon for sure, I have read very good things about it. By the way, nice trick with your dog!

It is a very long story (Which I cannot tell), but she isn't actually my dog. She just spends most of the year here. And the house is horribly empty when she isn't here. If I could buy her I would - but she is worth a lot more than my car. But a lot of things are worth more than my car.

That said, all of my lights would not buy her.

I know what you mean, a dog is a best friend.

Do shenzhen-wholesale sell to the general public or do i have to buy a 1000 of the things

No, they sale even one item. They just charge extra for shipping (depending on weight).

cool might have to order one of those sst 50 lights just for the sake of it lol

My parents got their first dog before I was born - the dog came in 1959, Î got born in 1960. I've had dogs in my life basically all of it. The job I do means that sometimes I don't get home for 2 days. Which means I need to look after dogs that are already very well trained.

Fizzy was a show dog 6 years ago. Her pedigree is longer than mine. I do not knows who my grandfather's father was. Neither did he - so my pedigree stops in 1894. Her pedigree is traceable to 1850 - just look up Foxwood Carpe Diem.