sst-50 now with xm-l

HI just wired sst-50 emitter,to direct drive in a aurora sh-42,with 22awg silione wire yet even with fully charged cells sanyo 2600fm’s,it starts off at 2.3-2.4amps then steadily climbs to 2, this normal.

Not sure to be honest, perhaps the vf is dropping as it warms up?

Edit, arent they supposed to take 5a or so? In that case, an xm-l might be a better prospect? What are you playing with?

I believe Vf on the SST-50 and SST-90 is rather high for single cell DD application. Most SST-50 lights use two or more cells with a buck driver.
Edit: The reason the current climbs is the emitter is heating up and the Vf drops as a result. This makes the current increase.
That Emitter is rated up to 5A, so no worries there. You are not getting a full drive though.

Yeah manfac spec 5amps ,i think ill go with your suggestion and order an xml,but if i get a samsung imr would it just fry the led .Thanks in happy birthday to Mrs Gords

The original driver was supposed to b 2.7a regulated,but tail cap measurements only showed 1.7a.I fryed the driver soldering braid to the spring.

Yeah, tbh, unless its a complete arse ache, I’d put a driver in there somehow, a well heat sinking nked xm-l should take 4a but direct drive on an imr could kill it, I toasted one with a 5a driver andtwo cells so their not invulnerable.

This is what im messing on with cheap off ebay.
Trying to make aasilk purse out of a sows ear :_(

I’d ram an xm-l in there and go from there, I’d guess the driver is 20mm but that can be worked around, sst-50’s as said like voltage and current :~

Wired in an xm-l (thks hopback). On a sanyo 2600 18650fm at 4.09v pulls 5.4a
ultracrap 2600 pink xsl ones 4.06v –3.6a
hid pack pull 2200 unprotected f me 4.16v-6.2a
I dare not try it with the panni 3100 ncr.
Ordered a couple of these drivers.

good job there, hows the beam worked out?

The beam is very much like the olight i6but narrower more pencil like.there seems to b quite a bit of flood.I think the emmiter is going to have to be raised about 2mm as its sitting a bit low from the reflector.What i was thinking is a 20mm copper washer underneath star to raise it .Nice hand warmer :slight_smile: I would say with the emitter too low its loosing a heck of a lot of output.EDIT just unscrewed the pill out a few turns and it is about right the throw has increased .I will need have to put an isolator aroun xm-l so i ca unscrew pill a little further then thermal glue the pill.EDIT isolator milk carton seal installed beam seams to throw more but also a little wider.

Glad it works!

Try a bit of a margarine tub lid to insulate the led from reflector (easy to cut)

Good idea will do :wink:

Dont laught but i just tried one of those tops you pull off the plastic milk cartons the seal ,the bit you usually have to use your teeth for.Silver on one side ,white on the other.Held a lighter very close to it and it didnt melt or shrivell so must b heat resistant :bigsmile:

Little known fact: NASA uses milk bottle lids on spacecraft :wink:

I didnt know that but i do now keep me educated :bigsmile:

Cant use panasonic ncr18650a’s i think the pcb is tripping. :~ Light s for 1-2 seconds then out ,switch off ,then back on the same.