SST-50 Vs. XML

I am a long time lurker, and i (obviously) post very infrequently. At any rate, i've seen a lot of positive talk about the XM-L lights these days.

I own an MGLite X-Thrower, I am very happy with it's output and overall throwing capabilites, but i am wondering if perhaps an XM-L would outperform it? I got the X-Thrower shortly after i had purchased an Aurora AK-p7-2 because i read the SST-50 was much brighter and had better throw than the SSC-P7. Not to mention i LOVE the color of the SST-50 compared to the P7! I need somones opinion on whether or not the XM-L would be a good upgrade or if i should just wait for the next line of CREE LEDs!

I guess i could just be happy with owning a well made and very bright light... But hell i am a flashaholic and i need to know if there are other <$100 lights that are brighter and throw farther :)

Looks like the X Thrower is driven at 2.8A. At that current an XM-L might be a little brighter than a SST-50, but not enough to worry about. If you're happy with your light, I doubt you'd see much of an improvement with a XM-L. The throw might be a little better since the die of the XM-L is a little smaller than the SST-50. But the XM-L colors aren't always great, depending on what you are looking for, and can vary with rings of colored tint (green or purple) around the hotspot.

As for waiting for something better, I don't know what Cree has in store. They announced the XM-L many months in advance and I haven't heard any annoucements about anything else coming out. So it could be a while. It is encouraging that the bins have gone from T6 to U2 now and there are some better tints coming out. So you may just see that continue somewhat (though the XP-G came out in a R5 pretty quickly and was never widely available in much more than that, even though you do see a few S2 and S3 lights out there).

If your budget is up to a hundred bucks, you might like the Fenix TK35.

Several folks here have them and swear by them, but they are not exactly a budget light; about $95 on ebay.

The SST-50 when driven to it's limits put's out more light than an XM-L. The main advantages the XM-L has over it are that it is much more efficient and significantly cheaper.

thanks for the responses guys! I was hoping someone had the sst-50 and an XM-L side by side to compare already.

Maybe i'll do it, i just don't really have a good camera to take pictures with. Maybe i'll order up an L2 w/ an XM-L drop-in.

Just need a way to justify the purchase in my head...

I think charlestt here does.

Couldn't have it said better myself. While the XM-L doesn't peak at the numbers of a SST50 or -90, it is still one helluva bright emitter, more efficient, and a whole lot more affordable. I had been thinking about a multiple-emitter SST-90 custom light, but a solarforce (yup!) T6 dropin made me wonder. So I looked around, did some research and compared prices and specs. Guess who made the race... right. No Luminus LEDs for me, at least not when there is a more affordable solution just around the bend.

That having said, I must admit that (despite owning and occasionally using five XM-L dropins) I am still quite fond of the XR-E R2.

Surely, they're not in the same league as the XM-L series. Not in the same league as a SST50 either, for that matter.

Ditto. As much fun as I've had playing with the xm-l's, I still enjoy a good R2 or xp-g... heck, even the occasional osram :)

The Osram emitters certainly have the best names. "Golden DRAGON ARGUS" is a little more intresting than "XM-L" as far as names go, the performance isn't as good as it's name sadly.

I don't know .. if you don't like the tint of the p 7...i don't know what to tell you ..I have 2 p7's over here and think they are some of the nicer tints I have ..very nice and buttery soft white and smooth as a babies butt.

I don't think any xml's are that nice .. but it depends what tints you hate or like

The tint on my P7 is also very buttery (i like that description) It is definitely bright as well. However, It almost looks reddish when wall bounced next to the sst.

Anyway, ultimately they are both good lights and leds...