SST 50 ????

Im ho n and a hum n , about buying a SST 50 ..

Im thinking P60 host / pill .. My issue , is they are just severely under driven , why build a SST 50 if your going to drive it at 2A .....

I just might need to hold till the XM arrives , as the SST needs at least 5A or 10Watts to come alive [ battery set up ] , and Im not sure a single 18650 can do more than 4A [ Ive gotten 3.7?A from the Samsung 30A ]

Anyone made the SST 50 leap ?

I will get my hands on this:

Then i'll report back. In a few weeks i think or sooner.

The XM-L are going to be ones to wait for since they can use quad die drivers, and we all know the random crap driver game with the cheap chinese sources. Generally, you'd be lucky to get a p7/mce with >2A.

Xtar, though, has shown to be a cut above. Hope your SST50 works out above 3A.

your better off doing a direct drive with resistors. it will be near impossible to find a driver for 5 amps, ive been looking

there is ONE on CPF, but its EXPENSIVE. he also has an SST-90 driver too

Im considering going strictly DIY ... [ More expensive ]

The driver looks like it would need to be DIY as well [ sandwich driver ] , I might have test that .

I have a SSC P7 light [ lower performance than other two ] , so I might use it as a test bench to see if I cant come up with a better driver ...

Unless you're doing your own pcb, it seems ganged 7135 are going to be the easy DIY solution, along with either an AMR or few cheapo lithiums in parallel. Maybe someone can find another regulator that works well in parallel and a driver with it mounted that's solderable.

Tried that , my soldering iron bites for stacking the 7135 's

Much easier to sandwich 2 drivers , just depends on what can be squeezed into the pill , I have several combinations in mind ..

+ I ordered a stack of drivers from KD [ 3 drivers ] ... To see what can be done [ experimenting ]

Life would be easier if Cree would just put out with the XM already ... [ I hate it when they wont put out = cree ]