SST-90 Driver for ZY-T08

The ZY-T08 was one of the first lights that I bought and I love the size and just about everything but the driver. Now I can’t say for a fact that this will work without modding the battery carrier to 8.4volts but it does fit with just a little bit of work and with the battery carrier modded so the batteries are in series it works great. According to fast techs specks it should run off of the light the way it is. Obviously this is a buck driver but still shouldn’t be used with a standard emitter. If it’s not on copper with a good thermal pathway it will die a quick death.

One tip for using it. You will need to file the board itself because it’s a little too wide. If you only file it a little bit it will stick in tight enough that you don’t need to do anything else with it.

INPUT VOLTAGE 3-13 -volt

When I first bought this they said it was 6.5amps and that is what other sites say. I believe that fast tech now has it correct.

I’m using this to power a xml2 on copper. I think it was between 5.0-5.5A from 3x 18650

Too bad it’s so big.

Thanks and that does seem about right. I would have preferred closer to 7 amps but it’s still a nice driver. But like you said a little too big for most pills. It fits the ZY-T08 and that’s pretty nice because that is a hard one to find a driver for.

The ZY-T08 can fit a bunch of drivers with its massive pill space. Just use stock driver as a contact board. :) Might as well just stick to a little nanjg 105C style driver, like a Qlite with a bunch of extra 7135s.

And if going big with the series mod. The MF TR-3T6 driver is a good and proven alternative that is below 6$. It is known to be reliable based on what I have read, and can be easily modded for 7A.

The SST90 driver might be just as good for the job though. In some ways better, if you dont have to use a contact board (better thermal transfer from driver to pill). It looks easy to resistor mod. But I always thought the SST90 driver was too deep. According to Relic38s review here. Pill depth is 24mm. But the SST90 driver is 28mm deep according to FT. Am I missing something?

TR-3T6 driver is 21,31mm deep. :)

I ordered the ZY-T08 earlier today. Im highly considering the TR-3T6 driver for it, but I have not pulled the trigger on the driver yet. ^^ The more I think of it the more tempting it is.

It just fits it you file off a tiny bit on the top of the board. Pretty nice fit altogether. I have used that other TR driver as well and it works pretty good as long as you use heavy wire when you slave it. The best driver I have used on a ZY-T08 was a 7amp flat SST-90 driver that I can’t find anywhere. I was sent it my Wallbuys to replace a blown driver in a light they sent. I have asked them twice if they can find me another one and they have not been able to figure out what they sent me. One of these days I’m going to have to learn how to stack resistors, but those little stinkers are pretty small and my hands are shaky.

Hmm. Tempting to buy the SST90 driver for a resistor mod.. Tempting.. Ill think about it over the weekend and hear if others have any feedback first.

I have a feeling that it can easily do 7 amps too... ^^

Btw, I started a thread on various high current drivers some time back.