Stainless AAA XP-E2 twistie at Convoy's store

I received two of them NW a few days ago.

Very nice SS AAA light. I like the brushed metal, its weight and overall design.

The nice thing is the twist head can be locked off by turning it a bit more then half a turn so it wont wiggle or come apart when off. You cannot remove the head actually. It’s a bit hard to turn it on one handed once locked though.

I wish it had two or three modes rather then just on/off like the BLF 348… BUT that makes it a nice gift for people who have trouble with modes - most people i know in fact…

I also wish the packaging would be nicer then the minimalist plain white self destructing cardboard box… My two lights where loose in the envelope when i received them - they had come out of their ‘package’. They where not protected by a bubble wrap sleeve either - just a tiny bit of bubble wrap tucked along, not enough to go around. I was lucky they where not damaged.

I’ll probably get a few more… and add a comment about packaging at order time. :smiley:

Hows the tint? Looks kind of greenish in the pics on aliexpress

There’s promo at BG for these right now for $9.99 and if you have enough BG points and VIP account it can be as low as $7.99. See deal alert thread for details.

It is.

Speaking of light output, this light is not a top performer either but it is very decent.

The beam is rather focused compared to other AAA i have and does throw further. However it is very ‘ringy’ and ‘rainbowy’ - if that makes sense. I’ll try to post some beam shots.

It’s not perfect… but it is sooo cute! I’m glad to add it to my AAA lineup.

I noticed this light couple of days ago at banggood named convoy tiny.
This is a nice light and I like the SS finishing but wish it could have more output as other lights in its class have 90 lumens or more.

Here’s the new silver Convoy avant la lettre:
with an XR-E :smiley:

Is the tint bearable? I might go cooler or warmer if its really sickly looking

Who needs 90 lumens?

This guy is hilarious. Funniest thing I read all day.

The brushed stainless looks much better than the polished, imo….

why not? If I bring only one light, I prefer a brighter one.
its gonna be like i3E IOS, or better if it has low-high modes.

I would say it is, but this is hard to tell since it is a matter of taste and personal perception. I’m also wondering whether i should get an other tint for my next order but they look either bluish or yellowish. The 5000K version is still a NW, only it has a slightly greenish tint. Frankly i don’t think i would have worried about it if you didn’t ask - but that’s just me.

Anyone figures out how to get this thing apart, let me know.
I tried, I failed.

Got the bezel off and glass but the reflector is… STUCK in there.

Love the brushed look of the SS - might be one of the best look'n and practical (SS is great on a key chain) AAA lights, but just one mode, only an XP-E2, and maybe difficult to replace the LED. Dunno... Edit: Ok, ordered one in 5000K

awesome look for this light.

I’ve got one of these Stainless AAA and they’re worth the money, I didn’t get it from Simon and I did notice them and they are cheaper than what I paid by $5
Heavy, good beam, thick bezel, tight hot spot.

Edit, the head won’t just screw off and I haven’t had time to really get at it and figure out how to get inside.

Nice! Mine is at my local USPS, so should be here tomorrow.

Hey Tom, you know what’s sort of funny to me is that when I bought this AAA SS I bought it from GearBest and then I see it at Simon’s and then I see it at BG LED XP-E2 50-60Lm
So I just went to GearBest just to make sure it was the same brand I thought it was and it was DITO Feng Bird SS but no tint options and LED is 105LM Cree XPG - X2 Single Mode “: actually I am so cheap and spend so much time looking for sales or coupons that I just now realized that I only paid $8 for this light.
I got the light, and wasn’t impressed. mostly because I had just got 2 Maxtoch 2x’x same day so was all interested in those,
So then I see this post, so I went and took a double take since it got thrown in the box of stuff and has been there for quit awhile now, and now at a closer inspection, this is really a heavy duty light, you can’t screw the head off but maybe the bezel, I haven’t had time to really mess with it and had actually forgot I even owned the light until this post, but I would say that for $10, buy two, what the hay… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d buy it again, you’ll like it Tom… :))

Funny to me is that Simon sends something to BG like he does and BG will label it as a Convoy, that is hysterical to me, I don’t think Simon has enough time to fool around with these little lights, he buys up stuff from other vendors going under and sells them on his site, like the Cree, 502B, Jax Z1, you name it, money money.

If anybody has figured out how to take this little beast apart, please let me know. After a few months one of these died in my wife’s purse, and I would like to take a shot at fixing it. But I can’t figure out how to start.

You have to remove the bezel, the rest of the head that turns is crimped onto the body, those bezels can be tight but it will come off and I don’t believe they are glued just tight, if I recall I had to even use my small half inch wide rubber strap wrench on one I took a part, good luck I’ve done a lot of those and they can be frustrating, but it will come loose eventually or you’ll quite and buy a new one… ha ha

Edit: Whoops, just happened to glance up a few posts and saw VWpieces post and thought, what? Why’s he asking that, he’s a darn good builder, and then it dawned on me, it’s not just as simple as I just said by removing the bezel, there is another bit of a trick to it as well and I had forgotten, you have to unscrew the reflector and driver assembly out of the head piece also, and that can be really fun and you really can’t see that it comes out, it looks like the reflector is set into the head but it isn’t, the very top rim of the reflector is where you want to get a hold of it, but good news is just use some needle nose pliers with some teeth on them but don’t try to grip the heck out of it, just grab it good enough to get a bit of a grip and turn it counter clockwise, like lefty loosey and the entire reflector and driver will come out, good luck… :slight_smile:
I’ll post a picture here, hold on…… OK got it for you,