Steel EDC AA XP-G3 from Ali ? (Amutorch S3)

I don’t know for sure about the F2, but the F2S has a XP-G2 not XP-G3 as this light has. It is also a 2AA light, whereas this one uses single AA. And, this light is steel, compared to the anodized Aluminum F2S. The Zanflare F2S seems to me to be a very well-made light, but it isn’t directly comparable to this one in any way. What is it that you’re going for?

Battery platform. What really matters to me is that it’s AA.

Well, in that case, the Zanflare is probably a better light for you. It takes 2xAA, so it will have better run time than this light. And it’s cheaper than this one by a couple USD. More-for-less! :money_mouth_face:

I just ordered it.
What matters to me is : 1*AA, as slim as possible (17mm), good enough driver without strobe and a tail clicky

Looks like a good host.
Did you order the other light you asked about, that’s even shorter & slimmer.

I was going to say something a couple days ago regarding the use of a 14500 cell, but I forgot. If you want a little more output without burning up the driver, you should try a LiFePO4 14500. Most of these boost drivers are actually rated for either 1S or 2S alkaline. So, the LiFePO4 max charge voltage of ~3.6V is close enough. Most of these boost drivers do happen to survive the 4.2V Li-Ion max charge as well, but that’s way outside the range and could cause problems.

Yep, getting to that conclusion :smiley: Should’ve tried to compare it to the Thrunite T10 as well (more fitting, as it’s the exact same 1xAA platform), but all is good in the hood.

Not yet, I fear that it would be more slippery but OTOH I prefer a reflector rather than a TIR…
But it doesn’t have a clip…although maybe the convoy clip would screw in the lanyard holes… could you check that ?

Eheh, same reasons I ordered it :wink: Using it with a 14500 can be a plus, but 1AA (Ni-MH) will be enough :wink:
The quality seems really good! :+1:

Hum, aren’t those a bit harder to find? Never had one of those… And normally I don’t seem them when searching for the 14500! Or maybe I just overlook them :expressionless:
The “funny” thing about this model (i don’t know if it is exactly this light) is that on the Amazon store where I found them, it is mentioned that they can be used with 14500 batteries. Being the Li-Ion the most common, I believe they refer to that type of battery…
I’ll just have to try them when I get them :smiley:
Thanks for your information about the LiFePO4 14500 :+1:

They are easy enough to find on eBay (at least for me). But, I failed to mention that they don’t hold as much energy, so run-time will suffer, even compared to Alkaline AA. :person_facepalming:

A bolt on clip isn’t really going to work but the clip from a Klarus Mi7 or DQG AA could work, may need epoxied in place.

Hum…despite liking the higher outputs, I guess that a longer runtime will may be a more important aspect for my use! Especially because I use these AA lights for longer periods of time, indoor or in places that don’t need to be light-blasted!
So Ni-MH and eventually the Li-Ion will gain some predominance!
Thanks again :wink: :+1:

Btw, CRX, that’s a quite nice one!!
I have a SS 3xAAA / 18650 light on the way, and I guess that the clip tip will be a good one to fit that light :wink:

Yeah that’s one of my ludicrous builds, one of the smallest clicky AA lights you can get with an MT-G2 , one of the largest emitters we use :slight_smile:

I received my flashlights today! I’ve done a small “review”, you can find it here :wink:
I can’t give more “numbers” or technical aspects, but here you have a glimpse at a pretty light! :wink:

With an XP-G3 ?
I would strongly prefer a TIR with those modern tint shifting LEDs.

Well, I swapped my Acebeam M10 XP-G3 (6500K) for a much warmer 2700K one and don’t see any tint shifting neither before or after.
I guess Acebeam designed the reflector specifically for this emitter.
That said, TIR are good for EDC (see Olight S series, all equipped with TIR) for close range use.

I have this one

with XP-G3 /Nichia 219c option

any one want can PM me

Do you have these Neal?
I would really like one, still doubting between xp-g3 or 219c


I forgot to insert the link :person_facepalming:
Here it goes "Review": Amutorch Stainless Steel XPG3-S3 AA flashlight [Modded TIR Lenses] .
Having seen this tint, yes, a more warm (or even neutral) tint would favour a lot this light. As well as a different lens or a reflector, to give it flood!