Steel EDC AA XP-G3 from Ali ? (Amutorch S3)

Yeah that’s one of my ludicrous builds, one of the smallest clicky AA lights you can get with an MT-G2 , one of the largest emitters we use :slight_smile:

I received my flashlights today! I’ve done a small “review”, you can find it here :wink:
I can’t give more “numbers” or technical aspects, but here you have a glimpse at a pretty light! :wink:

With an XP-G3 ?
I would strongly prefer a TIR with those modern tint shifting LEDs.

Well, I swapped my Acebeam M10 XP-G3 (6500K) for a much warmer 2700K one and don’t see any tint shifting neither before or after.
I guess Acebeam designed the reflector specifically for this emitter.
That said, TIR are good for EDC (see Olight S series, all equipped with TIR) for close range use.

I have this one

with XP-G3 /Nichia 219c option

any one want can PM me

Do you have these Neal?
I would really like one, still doubting between xp-g3 or 219c


I forgot to insert the link :person_facepalming:
Here it goes "Review": Amutorch Stainless Steel XPG3-S3 AA flashlight [Modded TIR Lenses] .
Having seen this tint, yes, a more warm (or even neutral) tint would favour a lot this light. As well as a different lens or a reflector, to give it flood!

Ordered one (with Nichia) from Neal today!
I will keep you guys posted when it arrives

I received mine 2 days ago.
Ugly beam with the XP-G3, there is a clear tint shift around the hotspot with yellow corona :confounded:
That and the 6000K+ cold white made me swap it for a 4500K 4000K 219C… and here is my new EDC :smiley: (I have a thing for AA lights those days)

@Neal: just PMed you for a Nichia but forgot to ask which led it is? Which CRI?

I have two Nichia versions on order from Neal. I did not ask what CRI they are either. 90 would be a nice surprise…

Wow, the 4500 must be a great EDC! You got some from Clemence?

Woopsy, mine is a 4000K from Kaidomain sorry… I’ll edit my post :slight_smile:

Got one with Nichia from Neal and I love it :slight_smile:

Good to hear XXX man, do you have any pictures or beamshots?
how long did it take for shipping?
I have ordered one from Neal 2 weeks ago, should be on its way now, hopefully it will arrive soon!

Not yet.
Will try to do it tomorrow.

It was about 3 weeks, standard time from China to me.

I’ve got a Nichia on the way too…
Almost forgot about it. One nice SS/AA light. Can’t wait to have it in hand. Now i wish it was there. :slight_smile:

While waiting for one of Neal’s, I’ve done some experiences with those I have, with TIR lenses and a reflector!
I’ll leave the links here you wanna take a look!


Buy the nichia, you wont regret it. Its cheap too. Can be giveaways for you love ones