Stock 502B modifying the stock driver?

!! Has anyone ever modified the stock driver on a WF502b Xml T6? From 5 modes to 3 modes High Med Low. I have searched the forum and can find anything

You would have to know exactly what driver you have. The stars on the driver are used to change the modes. By putting a small bit of soldier connecting the start to the out rim changes the modes. You can do this with some drivers and not with others, some have stars some don’t some stars change some modes one way and other stars change the modes another way. Unless you can identify the exact driver you have it will be hit and miss when changing your driver my modifying it.

This is why most people just order a new driver and install it. It’s easy to do and it’s cheap enough too. Plus this way you get to pick exactly what you want on your driver. You can pick one with extreme lows or with more or less amps to drive your led the way you want to. Of course while you are at it you might also decide to put in a new led because they are not that expensive either and before you know it you will be modding all your flashlights just for the fun of it.

Hope this helps.

Well anyway. If you take a picture of your driver somebody might be able to identify it and tell you which stars to soldier. Then again you might not be able to mod it and you will have to open up the whole modding can of worms.

Thanks working on stripping it down right now

Ok Here is the stock driver, first is it any good for a driver ,second how would one modify it to make it 3 modes Hi Med Low


I have never seen a modd, which changed a blinking flashlight to a non-blinking flashlight (without flashing a new software on the chip). This is only possible, if a special driver is installed - 18sixfifty call these the driver with the stars. They have 3 or 4 stars on the bottom side.

If you want 3 modes, you have to change the driver. At the moment I know only drivers, which a changed sequence: Low, mid, high with mode memory. Would this work for you?

Is there a resister mod for this driver??

How about removing the next mode memory mod and then just do a long OFF time
after the L and it will revert back to H the next time you turn it ON.

Long OFF > H > M > L > Long OFF (3-5 sec) > H > M > L……

I do this every time and I don’t see the STROBE and SOS at all.
The mod is to add a ~490K resistor across the capacitor.

what’s the diameter for that driver?

its a p60 so it should be 17mm, why not just fit a nanjg driver and be done?

You ask a good question. Although it only costs about $3-4 for a decent high power driver with some mode choices, it seems a waste to just toss these drivers.

I have a lot of drivers with that 24c02bn msu, but I have not seen any info on modding them. The problem is no one here seems to know the code in them or how to program these chips. The code in the chip may be written in a way that grounding certain legs will change modes. My guess is pins A0, A1, & A2 would be the legs for that as they are address input pins. A0 starts on the bottom left (has a dimple by it). A1 is to the right of it, then A2, then Ground. If you are brave and don’t mind risking the driver, you could try shorting a legs (one at a time) to the ground ring and then see if modes change. You can short them with a blob of solder or small piece of aluminum or copper tape.

I’m guessing one or both of the resisters may be sensor resisters that if changed would alter the output power level.

If you do play with the driver, please report your results back. I imagine there are more than a few people interested.

EDIT: Here is a link to a data sheet on the msu: