Storacell website does not like negative reviews.

Customers are often the best source for honest and accurate info on the products, I decided to write a review on their Storacell website:, about their caddies, including the 18650. I mentioned in my review the issue regarding the tight fit of the Protected 18650 batteries in their caddies and the possibility of damaging the jacket/wrapper, but the review was never posted or published. I sent several emails to Storacell asking the reason why it wasn’t posted and they ignored all of them, no answer what so ever and no response to any of my phone messages. Beside their terrible Customer Service, it also looks like they only want to publish positive reviews without any complains, otherwise they will reject it. Consumers needs to know about the pros-and-cons of a product, but unfortunately Storacell hides the disadvantages and post only the advantages.

Same happened to me on Walmart on a NEUTRAL product review I wrote. Never got published. So I copied and pasted it again after a few weeks and… it never got published. I even wasted my time to call up customer services and was referred to “technical issues”. hmm…

It’s just a cover up by dishonest Dealers and Manufacturers, they don’t want consumers to find out about the negativity of their product because it’s not good for their business, that’s why they don’t publish any neutral or negative reviews. I like Amazon reviews, they let people post both, negative and positive reviews, plus you can also ask questions about the product before making a purchase, I always check their website or any of the forums before making a purchase.