Strange drop in , U2 x 2

Strange day .... Bit of chopping and grinding and gluing .. Now I just need a Driver [ Im going to try a sandwitch driver ]

WTF?! :O Want to see beam pattern, lol :bigsmile:

So will it throw a hotspot that looks like a figure-8 ?

should be pretty interesting . let us know how it works. thanks.

It will have an oblong spill and two hotspots side by side on a short distance wall shot, but maybe they melt together at a greater distance.

And . . . . it will be bright.


I did a dual XP-G R5 this way , and yes the beam is just a little funky Fig8 , but only a little , maybe 5% ..

But you only notice on white walls ...

Go outside , and it works real well . So I had to try Dual XM-L U2 , my only concern , is getting enough current to the emitters .

Got my fingers crossed for at least 4A

Awesome!! I can't wait to see how this turns out :D

It's gonna be a double-barreled photon shotgun

Hehe this should be good :)

I definitely want to see these beamshots too.

Hmm it might be doable for dual 18650 and dual driver but then again how bout thermals?

When I saw the headline for the topic, I was like "where where where? need to get that asap."

But's it's a custom job... and I'm still struggling on simple emitter/driver swapping. But maybe some day...

The problem is the driver , the sandwich driver did not work ...

Im not good enough to add 7135 chips to the existing driver , so what I have is a 850Lumen Dual emitter set up ...

Nitecore EX10 - XM-L - Dual XM-L

The dual has no hotspot or throw , its simply all flood [ lets see how long the animated gif lasts ] ,

And for around the house its simply fantastic , just watch the grass ...

Really a huge amount of light! No heatsink problem with 2 U2? Which host you use for this DIY?

Hmm, if neutal emitters would be used it would make an awesome photographer flashlight companion! Pretty neat one!

Looks like a wall of light to me. You're right about the hot spot; the tree simply disappears but everything else is bathed in light.


Host is my black L2P [ was dual XP-G R5 ]

The tree in the background only vanishes for the camera , because of all the light bouncing back from the walls , its even better to the naked eye .

2xXM-L , no , no heating problems , both emitters are quite underdriven . [ It gets warm , but so far I havent run it for more than 2 minutes ]