Strange message when creating thread

Hi Sb,

I got this message twice whilst making a new thread:

Yeah. I’ve gotten that before. Just ignore it.

But there’s other stuff I’m getting sometimes : 1) Long running script 2) Display driver stopped functioning and recovered.

Maybe try deleting your blf cookies and see if that fixes it.

I ate all my BLF cookies… yummm!

Orion, they sound strange too! I just ignored it but I was worried I’d be flagged for some kind of attack on the site.

Sintro, the cookie monster lurking in my browser ate them all already.

I really fancy some Belgian chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies now… :tired:

Yeah we’ve all gotten those errors once in a while. Seems to happen on every forum I use(some kind of error when trying to post), even professionaly(forum for a video game) run forums.

Yea it did the same thing to me when I was trying to preview the topic before posting it. Seemed harmless though.

I don’t know BLF offer free cookie. How can I get some! >)

Mr. Admin will send you a free cookie after every 1000th post giveaway you arrange. It was delicious!

1 cookie for 1000 post, that’s too few.1000 post deserves a basket of cookies. :frowning:

I agree!!

Still not enough. >.<


Hmmm! Cookies!

Yes, it’s basically a harmless error, although I’ll admit that the warning message is rather scary sounding. It’s a known issue for which a good fix doesn’t exist at the moment.

How often are all of you seeing this error?

If I don’t like cookie, can I get a ham instead 0:)

It happened twice yesterday as I was making a new thread. I also had to do a captcha test first.

Name your choice : Fortune or Space? :wink: