Strange review request.

Sometimes I wonder about some companies, from a recent request:

Company: Will you review our product, we would like to get a review on your website.
Me: Yes, here is the list of product I review and some other info: How to get stuff reviewed
Company: Good, here are the conditions: You buy the product, you must include the buzzword about our product, link to our store and publish the review on at lest 8 website, then we refund the money.

What is going on, if they know my website they must also have seen how I do reviews. If they do not like my format, why contact me?

PS: I left out a lot of the conversation and the above is not entirely accurate.

My guess is that they didn’t even click on your link…
Seeing that some companies are paying reviews like 10$ for 200 words… I’m not surprised at all :zipper_mouth_face:

Regardless HKJ, they could not give you as good a deal as you give to the flashlight/battery/charger community….

Weird request, but I am sure someone takes them up on it….

I get weird requests from my YouTube channel all the time.

I probably say no to 9/10 of the requests I get. The funniest are when companies ask you to pick products off their web site to review. You send them a list and they come back and are like - sorry we can only approve $4.13usd in products to review.

Its an endless stream of requests to review unbranded $1 USB wall chargers, phone accessories, and Mac accessories. Even though I’ve never owned or reviewed a Mac product in my life.

I’ve also had companies ask if they could have another reviewer send me a product, review it, then send it to another reviewer when I’m done.

Anything for a $1…

Its not worth your time mate. I hate companies like this!

Hmmm, I wonder if anyone’s up to starting a little list of these predatory fake-review businesses.

There’s a great example for the rather more serious fakery going on with “sciencey” journals:

I’m always grateful when people make the effort to tell the truth about this sort of scam.

They used my lygte-info email address and I do not believe they have that from a forum.

I get mostly serious requests, but websites are probably not as popular as youtube for a fast product presentation.

I say yes to cheap usb chargers, but I do not get many requests.

Why such odd requirements? You have to put your money on the line to buy the product, and then, if they don’t like how you did the review, or you don’t post it enough places, you don’t get your money back? Why did they even ask you to do a review? It’s in the interest of their business to get a review done by you. They should take all the risk financially and otherwise, if they want you to review their product.

Same review request in OP could have been:

We will send you the product free of charge. You must write the review and publish it to your website. You also must allow us to publish your review, in whole or in part, to any website we desire. If your review doesn’t include the buzzwords we’re looking for, then we won’t ask you to do another review.

That would also have been a no.


Understand it would have been a no, but at least wouldn’t have been so strange. :disappointed:


Thank you for making this public information.