Streamlight Protac 90 mods

Quick Summary: Protac 90 modded to floody plus magnetic base.

The Protac 90 has both an outer lense and a TIR. I wanted a floodier light for my right angle protac (I also have a 1L-1AA) so I took the head off to see what was in there. Turns out, there is a rough aluminum reflector, a TIR, and an outer lense. I took out the TIR and it is floody with a faint hotspot. Perfect for what I was looking for!

Also, I went to HD and grabbed a 3/4” Neodymium magnet (comes with sticky patch) and placed it on the bottom of the light. Just testing if I like it for now. The internals of the Protac 90 has a metal washer around the spring which is relatively far from the base of the cap, so I didn’t try placing a “donut” shaped magnet inside for compatibility. If someone has experience with removing this metal washer, please leave info in a reply.

I couldn’t get the head off of the the 1L-1AA.

Side note… The TIR for the SL HL4 can be swapped into the HL5-X (and vice versa), but I would only recommend that if you want a straight out flood light (different LED’s for different beam pattern). I did not check the beam pattern of the HL4 with the HL5-X TIR, as I like the HL4 as is… I would assume it would be a narrower hotspot.

Sorry, no pics for now (strapped for time).

Thanks for advice with removing TIR, worked like a charm for my Streamlight Protac( got it few months ago from gun store, mostly using it for hunting and camping)! Did you try beam pattern for HL4 with HL5 TIR? Would love to know if it creates a narrow hotspot like you thought.

Try swapping the cold white, low CRI XPG2 for a 519a. I did that in mine as well as adding a removable red filter. Very nice. The emitter will require hot air to reflow as the MCPCB has a goofy spring mechanism on the backside.

I’ve got Streamlight Protac from color tunnel provided to me. If testing HL4 beam pattern with HL5 TIR will it create a small hot spot and will it have any effect