Strobe Speed

So today while on the tool truck, I was playing with a little coast light and it had a crazy strobe speed. If was a really rapid pulse, of which I have never seen the likes of.

I know the general consensus here is stobe should be left out all together but I like it. I like the practical purpose of disorienting potential dangers if the need comes about.

Most of my lights have a standard strobe rate but the zy-t08’s I ordered are majorly slow in speed.
Is there any way to change this flash rate? Aside from a driver swap :8)

No. It’s handled internally by the driver.

Get an Armytek Predator or a Nextorch.

SR King has 200Hz high speed strobe. But they decided to call it "low" mode. Totally inappropriate

strobe out there I bet. :open_mouth:

I've heard the sipik clones are something like 2 megahz...

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I hope the TSA didn't bother you about the 15 A6Os you were bringing me.

15 of these instead though. Should be close enough. You’ll prolly throw in a couple ST-90’s in there. :open_mouth:

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The Sipik driver switches at around 1.024 MHz…

SRK actual strobe mode is between 9 and 10 Hz (PWM is 200 Hz)

Over 20 hz just looks like sputtering.

has strobe speed it seems 3x as fast as anything else I got. And I gots a few. :open_mouth:

But they’re all the same…

…….some yet to be modded, and some yet to be just fondled. :stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth: