Strobescope ideas , maybe you guys could help

Hi guys

I would like to make a strobescope that goes from say 50 fpm to say 12000 fpm

Has anyone got ideas to make one
I’ve got a spare raspberry pi if that helps

The led needs to be powerful but throw a beam , about 50 cm distance Max
It’s for production lines seeing belts rotation and products staying in the right place

Preferably 18650 battery or battery’s

Maybe a tinyatt, I’m thinking the raspberry might be overkill

Also I’d like some kind of fpm readout led display 88888 or something

Or maybe the raspberry driving a small oled display

The beam only needs to light up about 5 cm diameter

I made something like this in the past, using an Arduino and a bunch of uv LEDs. Had an LED hooked up to each pin, did a digital write on and off for each pin based on the value of two pots.

If I were to do it again, I’d use a single pin on a microcontroller, and put all the LEDs behind some transistors, much like a flashlight driver.

Anduril flashlights have an adjustable strobe, but I don’t know the range of fps.