STRONG EDC with boost driver ?

What do you recommend as an EDC with USB and boost controller? Most of the new interesting models are Anduril and FET. Minimum 3000lumen.

Thrunite T2 maybe: Thrunite T2 Flashlight Review - ZeroAir Reviews
3700 Lumens in Turbo and especially sustained brightness and runtimes are great and it has built in USB-C-charging.

Depending on what you define as an EDC it might be a bit large though, running on a 21700.
And the beam profile isn’t very pretty.

USB-C-charging combined with a boost driver seems to be a rarity in flashlights, which is a shame, imo.

Thank you very much. Super flashlight! However, in Poland not available for purchase and there is a lack of a backlit button with switched off and smooth regulation. Besides, that’s what I’m looking for.

I’m afraid you’re out of luck then. There are a few more flashlights that almost meet your specifications, but I don’t know any that meet all of them.
What you could do is buy a flashlight without charging and then get a battery with integrated charging.

Edit: If availability is the problem, I think you can order the Thrunite T2 from German Amazon.

Does the 18650 zebralight with xhp35hi have a boost driver or is it a low voltage version emitter?

Maybe Acebeam EC65? It has built-in usb C and there is hi cri version.
Or Wuben TO50R? But can be a bit expensive.

Afaik there is no low voltage version of this led. Did I miss something?